Newcastle 0 - 4 United

Again, I missed United's match today because I had a league game with my local football team. That's the second match I missed this season...United scored four in both matches. Perhaps that was the problem with United this season, Moyes is not the problem, I am. I think I should give Wednesday's game a miss, maybe United would put four past Bayern! Wishful thinking. 

There's not much I can say except that all four goals were well worked out. Mata scored two and brilliantly assisted Januzaj, it's a shame the Spainiard is ineligible for our game vs Bayern. He looks like he's finally bedding in our team and we could do with his passes vs the Germans. What's very worrying is Rooney's absence today. Moyes said that he's got a toe injury. To be honest, I don't really believe our manager 100%. I think he was rested today and Moyes played some kind of mind game before Wednesday's game. Regardless of the mind game played, Bayern will still have a plan for United side with Roo in it, so it won't really affect them. Anyway, I hope Roo's not really injured and if he is, then we're in trouble. Roo is the heart of our football team. 

My thoughst on Wednesday's game? I don't think we'll go trough, Bayern are too good a side. However, it doesn't hurt to dream so come on United, give us something to shout about!


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