Just a Little Update

First things first. Yes, I'm still alive. Hooray! 

I promised a blog post as soon as United are active in the transfer market. There has been no major activity and hence my blog has hibernated for 2 solid months. United normally do their business before the transfer window even opens, however, The managerial change meant that the new gaffer, Moyes, had to settle the in-house environment before looking at new players. Unsurprisingly, our club hasn't signed anyone yet.

We've been linked to a host of players by some unreliable media houses. The gullible believed everything they read, but this old rat over here took every story with a pinch of salt. Although, if I'm honest, I did believe Thiago Alcantara was heading our way. However, the Spaniard either trolled his fellow countryman, De Gea, and made him believe that he's heading to Manchester or the latter decided to play some games and fool us all. 

I thought De Gea's message on Alcantara's Euro 2013 ball gave away the fact that the brilliant Spanish midfielder had his heart set on a move to the red part of Manchester. Unfortunately, he decided to join Bayern. Bayern are a massive club so Thiago has lost no respect from my side. 

The Sun, Mirror, Telegraph and Twitter "experts", amongst others, have all reported that Strootman to United is bang on happening. Thiago's dad was seen in Manchester searching for property and Garay's grandfather said that the strip clubs in Manchester are better than Portugal's. Ok, I obviously just made Garay's story up, but that is almost as ridiculous as some of the stories these newspapers come up with. 

Fact is, no reliable source said that Thiago was on United's transfer list. After Bayern confirmed the Spaniard's acquisition, a lot of gutted United fans flooded Facebook pages and fora with their comments. Some started blabbering about how Moyes will ruin United with his Wenger-like mentality. Others said that we're on the cusp of total decay. I just couldn't believe what these so called "United Die-Hards" were saying. 

So come on you reds, just calm down. The boardroom staff knew what they were doing in Fergie's days and they know what they're doing now. Yes, our directors get a tad hesitant when they try to get a player. But, be honest, do you really want United to start throwing money at players and their clubs left, right and centre? Do you want our great club to turn in to the farce that is Manchester City, PSG, Monaco and Chelsea? Moyes said that, by the end of the transfer window, we'll get who we want. So just wait, relax and trust Moyes.

Sticking to our guns 

To be fair, Moyes inherited a very good squad. A squad of players who won the Premier League with games to spare. I'd obviously like to see an arrival in the central midfield berth but it won't be all doom and gloom if we get no one. I'd rather see Moyes stick to our current players than just spend silly money on players we don't really need...just for the sake of spending the money.

Many seem to forget that we've already got an excellent prospect in Zaha who's eager to shine on the right wing.

Oh, and I suggest we make sure Nani and Roo sign new contracts. Whether Fergie was saying porkies in Roo's case, I don't know. All I know is that we've got a world-class striker and it'd be suicidal if we let him leave, especially to one of our domestic competitors. If Roo really wants to leave, then so be it. W.R.T Nani, I said it time and again, the boy is 20 times better than Young and much more talented than Valencia. I wish we could buy him some consistency but I hear the Glazers don't want to spend…oh well

The Tour

I've watched a couple of games from United's tour. I was particularly impressed by Zaha and Januzaj. These two have bags of potential and it will be quite exciting to see how they flourish at United in the near future. Another player who made some headlines is Lingard. He got some goals to his name but I wouldn't get too excited. Macheda, Obertan and Bebe were made to look like world beaters when they played a pre-season friendly. Fingers crossed Jesse doesn't follow in their footsteps... He's a Mancunian so I'd love to see the guy make it at United. 


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