United 2 - 0 Everton

Rafael Evans(Smalling) Vidic Evra
Valencia Cleverley Jones(Carrick) Giggs
Rooney RVP
RVP scored his 23rd goal of the season
That was an excellent display by our boys. Nothing special but they did what they had to do. Giggsy and RVP scored in the first half and virtually put the game to bed. We were more interested in rotating the ball around the field during the second period and that is understandable given our upcoming trip to Spain.  Last year's fixture at home to Everton was what ultimately cost us the title, Fergie promised that won't happen again and our boys duly delivered. 

Where to start from? Oh yes, obviously, I have to mention Giggsy. What he has done is quite remarkable; 21 Premier League seasons and he's scored in every single one of them. When you play with United, a goal or two will somehow come (I mean, even BEBE scored twice!) but what's most remarkable is the fact that he's been playing at the top level for such a long time. Ryan wasn't playing just to make up the numbers. He was effective. Apart from scoring the opening goal, he ran his socks off for the United cause. At one time he hassled Everton's defenders and made them commit a mistake in their own half. At 39, the energy shown there was quite unbelievable. Even Rooney was applauding. Well done.

RVP got his goal, created another and showed us that his right foot is ordinary. Rooney was excellent. He saw little of the ball in Everton's half but worked ever so hard in our half. His tackling is better than your average Premier League defender could muster. I think he would walk into a lot of Premier League teams' back four. I love his determination.

Man of the Match
Our defenders were the best performers. Rafael, Evans and Vidic were excellent. My man of the match was Vida. He marshalled our defence and managed to get some impressive blocks in very dangerous situations. Vidic was virtually faultless. The other two defenders showed how much they've matured. I remember when Rafael was more of a liability for our side. The improvement he's shown this year has been phenomenal. Our centre-back Johnny has been playing well for the past two years now. He had a poor season some time ago but he has really become a solid central defender. Maybe his presence doesn't scare strikers the same way a more powerful Vidic does but he's a very very good defender. 

Valencia showed signs of improvement, thankfully, and Cleverley worked tirelessly. Good displays by the duo. Jones was another player who impressed me today. He had the daunting task of keeping Fellaini out of the game and he managed to do so. Fellaini was nullified. Man marking is probably the most frustrating role one could get. You lose concentration for one second and that's it, you've fucked the plan up. Jones bullied Fellaini off the ball on countless of times up to a point that Everton didn't look for the Belgian any more to start their attacks. I know he's gone out injured but I think Jones will have some part to play on Wednesday in a 5 men midfield.

12 points clear. I know we blew an 8 point lead last year, with 6 games to go, but surely lightning can't strike twice! A lot of people have been looking forward for the upcoming game vs Real. People think it's our biggest game of the season. In reality, I think our game vs Everton was even bigger. Our next Premier League game will be even more important. The fixture vs Real is surely one mammoth of a game but, if I'm honest, I want that league title back. The league is the priority anything else is a bonus.

N.B. It will be nice to see Ronaldo again. He's a club legend. He's given us such lovely memories. In honour of those memories, I hope our defenders snap him in half. He'll be our enemy during the upcoming 180 minutes. Anyone wanting Ronaldo to do well against us is not a United supporter. He fucked off to Madrid and has now realised that the grass is not greener there. Manchester United is the biggest club in the world, he should have known better. 


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