Chelsea 3 - 3 United

De Gea
Rafael(Scholes) Evans Rio Evra
Valencia Carrick Giggs Young(Chicharito)
Rooney Welbeck(Park)

Chicha Scored the Equalizer
Football, bloody hell! United outplayed Chelsea in the first half but Chelsea got their noses in front via an Evans own goal. The Londoners played well for 6 minutes during the second half and netted another two. Their Mata scored a gem of a goal and then another own goal gave them a 3 goal advantage. At 2-0, I still believed we were going to get something out of this game but after the third goal I just gave up on our boys. I thought we were very unlucky not to get a penalty in the first half and then two own goals followed. "No luck today," I said to myself. BUT one thing I must learn is that I should never write our players off, those boys rarely let us down. Two goals by Rooney and another by Chicharito gave us an important and deserved point. It's lovely to see Chicharito back in amongst the goals after his confidence seemed to have vanished in the past months. 

I admit that the first penalty was a very soft one while the second was never a penalty and thus Webb DID give us a helping hand today. However, it still takes a lot of grit to get back to level grounds from 3 goals down. That said, Chelsea aren't the Chelsea of the last 5 years. In fact I thought they were quite poor but they got lucky with the timing of their goals. So basically I think we were very unlucky to be trailing Chelsea but we got a tad lucky with the penalty decisions. Fair enough. 

This Boy is Unlucky. When he started to look confident, this happens.
I thought all our players did well. Giggs played a blinder while our other midfielders, including Scholes, did quite well as well. I must not forget to mention De Gea's huge contribution as well. He made two world-class saves late in the game. Shot stopping is something that requires a high level of reflex. This can only be acquired through years of training. However his weak point, corner techniques, are something you learn from experience, I guess. Fergie was right when he said that our young Spaniard will be a very good keeper in three years time. While I still fear corners and crosses against us, I've developed a high level of confidence in our young keeper when it comes to long range shots. Well done David! 

The red army probably carried our boys through those difficult minutes when we found ourselves down by three goals. They were in full voice today. We did not win but I'm still extremely proud of the boys. Facebook is obviously being bombarded with comments from scousers blabbering about their old myth that Howard Webb is a red devil. But seriously, why would something like that be so surprising to them? Who wouldn't want to be part of this great football club? Haha keep blabbering. I love Manchester United :)

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