Saturday, October 29, 2011

Everton 0 - 1 United

De Gea
Jones Vidic Evans Evra
Park Fletcher Cleverley(Nani) Welbeck(Valencia)
Chicharito(Berbatov) Rooney
Chicarito Scored The All Important Goal
The last time we won at Everton, VDS, Silvestre, Brown, Scholes, Ronaldo and Tevez were in our starting line-up, so that shows how long it has been since we last emerged victorious at Goodison Park. Even though our team performed drably, today's win was a big one. Winning at Everton is no easy task and after last week's dismal performance, a win to get back on track was a must. Chicharito scored the winning goal with an easy tap in after a fine cross by Evra.

Cleverley Succumbed to Another Injury
Although we might have ridden our luck today, I'm pretty pleased with our defensive performance. Vidic showed us what we've been missing during the past two months or so. He was immense. My man of the match. Evans, who had a nightmare last week, played decently but was still prone to his customary error. Jones, once again, and Evra had a good game in their positions. Cleverley started the game brightly but had to be subbed off because of another injury. I hope nothing's too serious because his build up play is a joy to watch and we'll need him in the upcoming very winnable games. Fletcher was everywhere and so was Park. They ran their socks off and won a lot of balls in the middle of the field. Rooney played in a midfield position but was a tad disappointing today. He worked very hard, as usual, but never really had any influence on the game. At the front Chicharito got caught in numerous offside positions but capped a pretty anonymous display with a match winning goal. 

I'm pleased with todays result and delighted our nearest trailing rivals Chelsea slumped to an amazing defeat vs the Gunners. What a game that was! Otelul next. Must win.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Aldershot 0 - 3 United

Fabio Jones Vidic Fryers(Keane)
Valencia Cleverly(Pogba) Park Diouf(Morrison)
Owen Berbatov
Our Tony Scored a Belter
After last Sunday's tension and ultimately hurt, it was nice to watch such a match with no real pressure whatsoever. When I saw the line-up I knew this was going to be an easy game and, well, it was. Berbatov was my man of the match with some glimpses of genius, very good runs and a goal. He did miss a sitter but Berbatov wouldn't be Berbatov without being a tad frustrating. Owen and Valencia scored the other goals with the latter scoring a beauty. 

Morrison - So Much Potential
It was a thoroughly enjoyable game and it was such a relief to see Vida and Cleverley back. Vidic is still a bit clumsy in his tackling but lets hope these 90 minutes do him the world of good in his mission to get back to full fitness. We desperately need our captain. It was also a joy to watch a handful of youngsters playing some part in this game. Fryers had a good game. In my opinion we really need another left-back because Evra has been very poor in recent games. Obviously Fryers won't replace Evra but Fabio is fit again and hopefully his fitness and eagerness to play will keep Evra on his toes. Pogba was brought on with 30 minutes to play and he did quite well. His composure and awareness amazed me. Plenty of room for improvement but I'm  sure he'll grow to be a world class midfielder....just give him some time. Morrison, another player who Fergie rates highly, was given a 20 minute run out and his eagerness to get involved in the game was a joy to watch. He also made a couple of cheeky moves which went down well with the United faithful. I'm soooo excited about Paul and Ravel, lets hope they reach their potential. Fergie is building another team and they will surely be featured in the near future. 

With regards to the more experienced players, Park had a good game, Valencia scored a wonderful goal but was erratic at times and Diouf was anonymous throughout the whole game. Owen always scores when he starts a carling cup game while Jones was very solid at the other end. Our goalie was only called into action once and he responded with a very fine save.

This was a good game to pick up the pieces after last Sunday. Now lets go to Goodison Park and bring back the 3 points. I know we are capable of winning the league again this year and if we don't, well, with players like Cleverley, Pogba, Morrison and Jones on board, I know trophies will keep heading our way in the future, no matter how much others spend. C'mon United!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

United 1 - 6 City

De Gea
Smalling Rio Evans(s/o) Evra
Nani(Jones) Fletcher Anderson(Chicharito) Young
Rooney Welbeck

Kudos to Fletcher for scoring a stunning goal, but he was very poor at the centre.
Ouch that one hurts. It'll take some time to nurse the hangover after this game! Our team performed reasonably well during the first 45 minutes but then all hell broke loose. Evans' stupid red card precipitated the most humiliating defeat I have ever witnessed. Barcelona's 3-1 at Wembley doesn't even hold a candle  to this. This was a battle for the City, a battle between the current best clubs in England and we lost it...and how.

Rooney was the only player on the field who looked like wanting to win after Evans' red card. I'm not too bothered to comment about the game. Everyone who watched it knows want went wrong and all our players must have (should have) been subjected to one of Fergie's worst hairdryer moments. I wouldn't want to be any of our players...for once. 

Where was the battle won and lost? The midfield. Our midfield is too poor compared to City's. Fletcher and Ando couldn't keep up with City. That's the harsh reality. We needed a commanding central midfielder but failed to get one and with Cleverley missing, we'll keep struggling against good teams. This defeat has been coming since that game vs Basle. We've only performed averagely ever since.

We'll need to take this game on the chin. Shit happens in life, shit happens in football and I'm sure we'll bounce back. I am confident this is just a one-off, just as it was the case when Liverpool humiliated us(4-1) 2 years ago at Old  Trafford. City are rising but talking of power shift is absolute bananas. We've won the league twice since that game vs Liverpool and I'm sure we can look forward to another successful campaign, even though we were trashed today. Until then we'll have to accept that City hold the bragging rights and that 75% of the world's population is laughing at us... let's hope we have the last laugh. United till I die!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Otelul 0 - 2 United

Fabio Smalling Vidic(s/o) Evra
Valencia Carrick Anderson Nani
Rooney Chicharito
Roo converting the first penalty

I didn't watch this game live because I had a footy tournament. I was kept updated by a teammate and have since watched the highlights. United fielded the strongest line up possible but still failed to cruise to a comfortable victory against a team which I had never heard of before the UEFA draw. This game highlights our current slump in form and I just hope that our players are up for the challenge that will be posed by a high flying City side this Sunday. 

Rooney scored the goals from the spot after the ref awarded two stonewall penalties. On the other side, just after we scored the first goal, Vidic made a tackle which was too 'premier leagy' for a continental referee's liking and was therefore sent off. Harsh sending off, in my opinion.

Not much to say about the game. I'm already looking ahead to this Sunday's titanic clash with our neighbours. A win is a must and I expect our boys to perform. Goodnight. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Liverpool 1 - 1 United

De Gea
Smalling Rio Evans Evra
Park Fletcher Jones Young
Welbeck Giggs
Chicharito was our hero today

I didn't have a good feeling about this game and the starting line-up didn't really do anything to bolster up my hopes. Nani, Roo, Chicharito and Anderson were on the bench. It was a gamble Fergie took and NOW I think it was well worth the risk. A draw at Anfield is a good result given that this is "SURELY Liverpool's year". 

The first half was drab but the second half lived up to all the hype. Liverpool, admittedly, had the best chances during the game but our goalie was superb and he was, in my opinion, our man of the match. So here's my big fat "in your face!" to the idiots who laughed at him at the start of the season. Well done lad! 

Our back four had the best game of the season. Smalling improved as the game grew older, Rio used his experience well while Evans and Evra barely put a foot wrong. Our midfield was a tad disappointing, maybe because they were too defensive minded. Young didn't do anything impressive, Park looked weak, Fletcher didn't get a grip hold of the game while Jones was OK on his first midfield appearance in the red of United. Giggs played much better during the final 20 minutes. Welbeck at the front ran his socks off and I salute him for that. His ball control was excellent and he handled Liverpool's pressure superbly. Well done Danny!

Now, about the ref's performance. I'm going to be as honest and unbiased as possible. Liverpool had a stonewall penalty but on the other side a player of theirs handled the ball, so we could have had a penalty as well although it would have been a tad harsh on the scousers. However, that freekick they scored was never a freekick. Adams dived on that occasion and so did that dirty git Suarez on a number of occasions. Thankfully that goal was eventually cancelled by our little pea, who headed in a corner....yes a corner. Thank god for Chicha!

All in all im happy. We're still unbeaten and although City will probably be at the top of the table in an hours time, I'm still delighted we managed get a point at Anfield without even playing our best XI. Well done United!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

United 2 - 0 Norwich

Valencia Jones Evans Evra
Nani(Giggs) Fletcher Anderson(Ferdinand) Park
Chciharito(Welbeck) Rooney
Ando paved the way to victory but was poor throughout the game
A game full of misplaced passes, heavy touches and missed chances ended our way. We didn’t deserve to win this game but thankfully lady luck was smiling at us. Anderson scored the first goal while Welbeck put the game to bed and helped me heave a huge sigh of relief.

I started this post grumbling and I intend to keep on complaining about today’s abysmal performance. Our midfield was completely inexistent and only looked like creating something once Giggsy entered the field of play. Park, Nani and Anderson were very poor while Fletch didn’t provide much protection to our defence. Valencia and Evra were poor as well but I cannot really blame our Tony because that right back berth just ain’t his position. Evans was shaky but Jones was massive once again. He put in some excellent tackles that saved us from certain goals. We also have to thank Norwich’s erratic finishes and the woodwork, the two factors combining to spare our blushes and help us avoid dropping 2 or more ‘easy’ points.

On a positive note, apart from Jones’ excellent performance, Welbeck looked really lively while Rooney made some great passes but tried to be cheeky on a couple of occasions, something that cost us a goal or two. The goal difference might play a huge role this season given the fact that City are scoring for fun on the other side of Manchester. Lindegaard was also one of the few positives in this game.

Overall I’m delighted with the result but hugely displeased with the performance. It was a game quite reminiscent of most of our games last season. Our next game is a massive one at a ground where we didn’t have much joy recently. We will be welcoming back Vida, Cleverley and Smalling for that game. Come on United!