Basel 2 - 1 United

De Gea,

Smalling, Vidic(Evans), Ferdinand, Evra,
Nani, Park(Macheda), Jones, Giggs, Young(Welbeck) 

Frustrating Night in Basel
For all those who checked my blog after the game, didn't see any posts, and thought I might have committed suicide, then you were wrong. To all those who thought that I only post updates to my blog during easy times, then you were wrong too. I had a birthday party and headed straight to a restaurant after the game. I have just arrived home and, as I logged on to Facebook, I was welcomed by a couple of Arsenal, Liverpool and Italian fans celebrating our apparent demise. So let me set this clear, Arsenal will be wiped out of the CL and will extend their trophyless run by another year, Liverpool aren't even in Europe and I don't even check their Premier League results anymore and neither of the Italian teams will win the Champions League. Harsh reality but that's the truth, so put your party hats back in the closet.

I Expect More From Roo
What about United? We weren't good enough today, we weren't good enough from day one of the Champions League. Am I glad we're out? Of course not! We could do with some cash from Champions League matches but I've got to be honest, we are miles away from the level set by Barca and Real. Harsh truth but I accept it. I'm more than sure we'll be better next year but we've got half a season to look forward to before setting our sights on next year. Liverpool are the ones who start blabbering about the following year as early as December. We've got  the Premier League, the Fa Cup and now the Europa League to look forward to. But if I ask myself whether I'm absolutely gutted United are out, I'd say NO. Reasons? I'm not too sure but such a loss might indicate to Fergie that he needs to buy a player who could make a difference, because let's face it, we DO NEED some kind of playmaker in midfield. Mind you, we've got one, but he seems to be made of glass. 

Ouch! Vidic Will Be Out Of Action For Quite Some Time
What went wrong? I don't know. Our best available XI started today and I thought we had a fair shot at passing through to the next round. What hurts mosts is that we were defeated by an average team because our stars performed on the verge of average. Some of our players are vividly out of form and we cannot afford to have such a big number of players playing below par. Rooney should have put us in the second round but failed to score with an open goal at his mercy. If Carrick had done that, most of you would be calling for his head. With a weekly wage of €250,000, I expect more from our Roo. Nani was the only player who looked willing to spare our blushes. He put in a couple of decent crosses and tried to take on the Basel fullback. What worries me is that we failed to seriously threaten Basel throughout the game. The engine room of any football team is the midfield and when looking at today's midfield players I cannot help but feel that they're too uninspiring at the moment. Young is playing astonishingly dreadful, Giggsy is a year too old, Park runs around like a headless chicken, Nani blows hot and cold and the great Phil Jones is just a makeshift midfielder. We need someone to make things work, on the other hand I hope there won't be any panic buys in January. 

I'll Keep My Faith In Our Boys
This season could still be a good one yet it could turn out to be one of the shittiest seasons we've had in quite some time. Do I care? Of course I do, I love Manchester United and want the name of this great club to be on top but having a shit season won't stop me from watching United week in and week out. Those who are disgusted with our team can just find another one to follow. We don't need shit fans. I'll be supporting the reds in their quest to win the Europa League. It might be a Mickey mouse trophy, but a trophy is a trophy and I hope our boys will make the most out of this experience without jeopardizing their PL campaign. Better get used to Thursday night football... I could do with a second hand europa league manual from a scouser. United till I die.

Huge marketing strategies attracted shit fans like the above. We could do without such idiots.


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