Transfers and Rumours

Its been almost 3 weeks since the last United game. I’m handling the lack of United games quite well, probably because I’m busy studying for my University exams. I’m done with 66% of my exams and the next one is in a weeks’ time so I’ve got enough time to post something and resuscitate this blog.

Any avid football fan, during these boring football-less days, tries to ease the pain of not having any football to look forward to by focusing on the transfer market. Up till now no silly money has been spent on players. By silly I mean that amount of money Real paid for Ronaldo a couple of years ago and that ridiculous sum Chelsea paid for Torres. However, I am of the opinion the amounts paid by Liverpool and United for Henderson and Jones respectively are a tad too much. I know, they are both excellent prospects and they are English, but 20 mil? No 20 year old is worth that kind of moolah. To be honest, I’m happy Fergie was able to spend 20mil on a youngster. This shows that, as the Gaffer stated time and time again, he really has got funds available(I used to doubt that).

What do I think of Jones?
I never really gave a rat’s ass about this guy before. In fact, when the name Phil Jones was being linked with our Club I had to YouTube him. He seems to be a good defender, agile and able to play in a midfield role. The YouTube footage of him is quite limited so I’ll have to wait until I see him play in the United shirt before I pass any judgements. A lot of managers have heaped praise on our new recruit and that shows that this player is the real deal. Fergie thinks he’s good enough for our side and I shall not doubt the great Scot because he’s almost infallible. Although, to be honest, I was a tad right when I thought that Bebe is shite, even though some told me that if Fergie summoned him to our club, he ought to be good. Jones is already partnering our Smalling with the under-21 England team and I guess we’ve got our defence sorted to the upcoming decade or so. Welcome on board JONES!
Our Future Central Defenders

Other Prospective Transfers
Future team mates? - De Gea Closing In On Our Welbeck
Many are saying that the De Gea deal has been done and we’ll unveil the Spanish keeper after the under-21 championships. As with Jones, I’ve seen precious little of this goalie. There are a couple of good compilations on YouTube but that’s just about it. Therefore I’m not entirely sure what to think if this transfer goes through. The problem is that he’s still very young and does not have the required experience to perform on the big stage. Our scouts surely see something special in this young lad but another thing that is bothering me is his reluctance to admit that he’s United bound. Some will call that professionalism for concentrating on his under-21 duties but he seems to be too disinclined for my liking. And by the way, yes I've seen his facebook account in which he states he joined United but that's probably a fake account. 

Ashley Young is also rumoured to be on his way to OT. I’ve always liked this lad but, I believe, recruiting him will only add to the depth of the squad. I’m not sure whether it will add quality though, because Nani can do what Young does and, dare I say, better. However if Young is signed by United I will be delighted.

These signings would be good signings but we NEED a central midfielder. Someone in the mould of Modric or even Diarra. Sneijder has also been heavily linked with a move to OT but he passed on the opportunity to join us and chose Real some time ago so I don’t think he deserves to wear the red of United. Fergie will surely have to splash the cash because signing a good central midfielder is of monumental importance if we intend to keep the premier league trophy and go toe-to-toe with Barca in the CL.

Would Be Gutted If Neither Of The Three Stayed
Gibson, Brown and O’Shea have been highly tipped to leave Old Trafford during the summer. While I understand Gibson and Brown’s case, I don’t really understand the logic if O’Shea leaves. He’s been a brilliant squad player and Fergie should keep hold of him. I also like Gibson but he underperfomed far too often last season. He'll be a good signing by Sunderland though and I’ll miss his thundering shot! You readers should know by now that I also really like Brown. He’s a good defender and seems to be a down-to-earth lad with ample sense of humour. However, I learned that he had a rift with Fergie last summer and that was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back. While I hope they stay, I wish them luck if they seek pastures new.

To all those students who bothered read up to this point, I wish you luck in your exams. To the others, good luck with whatever you’re doing. That’s it, I’m off to get some sleep. TATA. 


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