Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Westham 4 - 0 United

After experiencing the 7th heavens on Saturday, our Club was brought back down to earth with an embarrassing defeat. Our team today was made up of our reserves, true, but these players should wear the red shirt with pride and do their best to avoid bringing United's name to shame. With these youngsters Fergie also fielded Giggs, O'Shea and Fletcher and to be honest these more experienced players were as awful as the less experienced ones. Evans was disastrous and I am now convinced that he doesn't have the ability to make it at United. He put in a couple of decent performances last year but he's been very poor this season.

This was our first loss of the season and I thank God it was 'just' the Carling Cup. Don't get me wrong I wanted United to progress in this competition but i'd rather lose a Carling Cup game than a League game. This was our first defeat in this competition since September 2007 when Michael Mifsud scored two and put Pique to shame. We all know where Pique is now and we all know what he had achieved so maybe Fergie won't rush things again a give Evans some more chances. To be honest though, seeing him in the starting XI sends shivers down my spine.

It feels odd to be out of this competition for the first time in 3 years but I've got absolutely no complaints because the best team won today. Well done hammers and COME ON UNITED!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

United 7 - 1 Blackburn

Rafael Rio Vidic(Evans) Evra
Nani Carrick Anderson Park(Obertan)
Rooney Berbatov

Finally we can say that we've seen the real United. The United everyone feared during the past 20 glorious years. The football played during this game was of the highest calibre with the only negative, amongst the many many positives, being that we did not keep a clean sheet. All the players played their part in this entertaining game. Berbatov, yes Berbatov, scored 5. His goals were well taken but I do admit that he was a tad lucky on a couple of occasions. Still, he's a striker and he did what he is asked to do i.e. score goals. Nani and Park scored the other two.

I'm usually a moaner but I can't really find anything to moan about. Except, maybe, for the fact that Evans should have done something about Blackburn's goal. Rooney, although not on the scoresheet, was exceptional. His ball interchange with the rest of the the team was a real eye pleaser. Most of the football he played was one-touch football, and that is something I truly adore. More of the same please!

Meanwhile, another player who impressed me today, apart from the usual suspects, was Anderson. His passing was spot on and he managed to create 2 goals if I'm not mistaking. Well done Anderson and indeed well done UNITED!

n.b Chelsea's almighty goal difference has been equalled and I have a tingly feeling that they might slip up tomorrow.

United sign Lindegaard

So United have finally confirmed the signing of the Danish international. The only time I've seen this goalie play was some months ago vs Portugal. I watched the highlights of that game as our new goalie made a couple of decent saves on our former boy Ronaldo.

He played in an inferior division so I cannot really say whether he's world class or not and therefore time will tell if this was a good buy or another 3.5million thrown down the drain.

Meanwhile Thomas Kuz will probably be shown the door this January because he's clearly not in Fergie's plans. I like Thomas but his indecisiveness in crosses and corners may be one of the reasons why Fergie didn't even play him in our most recent Carling Cup match.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rangers 0 - 1 United

OShea Smalling Evans Fabio
Nani(Obertan) Scholes(Anderson) Carrick Giggs
Rooney Berbatov(Chicharito)

So we are through to the last 16 stage. I thought United did quite well. Our defence dealt with the rare Rangers threats superbly, our midfield was industrious while our strikers looked lively but lacked sharpness. Rooney scored the winner after converting from the penalty. It was a joy to see what that goal meant to him. His excessive celebrations showed that he's still got his heart in it and that was a step in the right direction. He had an on and off game, he hit the post, scored but missed a couple of decent chances.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with this win. We still haven't conceded a single goal in this year's Champions League. We are the only team who did not concede a goal and that is no easy feat. Our next match is Vs Blackburn. I have got a feeling that we will be 3 points clear at the top come Sunday evening. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

United 2 - 0 Wigan

Rafael Rio Vida Evra
Nani Carrick(Chicharito) Fletcher Park(Scholes)
Obertan Macheda(Rooney)

You can call me Mr. Grumpy but I wasn't impressed with today's performance. During the first half we lacked ideas but were lucky to lead at the break thanks to a good Evra header. Wigan had more goal scoring opportunities while our striker(s) looked like headless chickens running around with no particular clue of what to do. Macheda failed to impress me, although I firmly believe that he earned his place in the starting XI after last week's goal while Obertan is all about fancy stuff that doesn't get him anywhere.

However during the second half, Wigan had 2 players JUSTLY sent off and from then on only one team looked like scoring and, I must say, I'm gutted we didn't score more. Chicharito scored a stunning header and then went on to miss a sitter. Rooney, back after that October fiasco, did quite well. He had a powerful header saved and made some fine cross field passes. He missed a sitter as well though. Rafael, in my opinion, was the man of the match. He looked willing to attack and defended cautiously. His crosses were perfect today. The others who stood out today were Nani and Evra who both were a thorn in the Wigan defence.

We are now on top of the league. This position has been reached mainly because our rivals have become inconsistent and are dropping points for fun. Yes, United played their part but we haven't been playing that kind of football that makes us deserve to be on top. We need to wake up before the other sleeping giants do! Come on United!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Villa 2 - 2 United

van der Sar
Brown Ferdinand Vidic Evra
Nani Fletcher Carrick Park(Smalling)
Berbatov(Macheda) Hernandez(Obertan)

If Rooney was watching this game, he'd be ruing signing that contract on the belief that we have a very good and ambitious squad. It is obvious that our squad isn't near as good as the squad we had two years ago. We had our own share of injury problems but that's not a good excuse for the fact that we still couldn't even beat a team full of inexperienced youngsters. We rode our luck at times, Villa hit the woodwork twice and could have scored more had they been more accurate in front of goal. A penalty and a well worked goal put us 2 goals down and at that stage I thought that we were going to succumb to our first defeat of the season.

However, a stunning strike by Macheda and a good Vidic header put us level with Villa within 5 minutes. I then thought that this match was going our way but some fine goalkeeping and defending by the home team kept us away from the three points. It is good to know that the traditional United never-say-die attitude is still present amongst our players, but I'm tired of having to wait for the opposition team to score before we actually start doing something. From the 80Th minute up until the final seconds of the 5th minute of stoppage time, United were excellent. Question is: Why on earth won't these players start playing like that from kick off? At the start of the season, we had a problem of falling to sleep late in the game. Now, we have a problem of trying to attack too late in the game!

Our midfield was utter crap. They failed to deliver a decent pass. Park and Carrick were horrible, Fletcher tried hard but failed to deliver and Nani had an on and off game. The Portuguese was responsible for giving away the ball cheaply on a couple of occasions, but he then whipped an accurate cross that helped us get the draw. Chicarito looked lively during the first half but faded in the second half. Berbatov could have, and should have, scored early in the first half. Once again he was slow and now I believe that his good form earlier this season was just a fluke. Our central defenders were good, however, Brown and Evra were really troubled by Villa's widemen. The subs Macheda and Obertan played well. Macheda scored and did his best on other occasions while Obertan was unlucky not to score.

I'm not sure what's wrong with this side, but we need to kill opponents during the game rather than wait for the final minutes before we actually start looking threatening. I'm off to enjoy my weekend while I pray for a Chelsea-Arsenal-City slip up. COME ON UNITED!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Man City 0 - 0 United

Rafael(Brown) Rio Vidic Evra(O'Shea)
Nani Fletcher Scholes Carrick Park
The match did not live up to the world's expectations. In fact I thought it was quite drab for the single reason that neither team wanted to risk losing this game. City played the whole game with 1 striker and so did United. I think that if Fergie risked playing Chico and Berba together for the final 15 minutes we might be looking at a different scoreline because we were all over City during the second half.

In my opinion United played quite well. The defence bullied Tevez and co out of the game and our midfield built attacks patiently and wisely. The only problem was that Berbatov was too isolated at the front and I couldn't expect much more from him. Yes, he could have ran his socks off just like City's Argentine twat did but that's just not Berbatov.

A point gained or two lost? I firmly belief that we could have beaten this City side today. They were toothless at the front and their defence isn't that menacing. We handled their attacks superbly, albeit once O'Shea, who keeps failing to be eyecatching but does his job, managed to make a complete mess when trying to defend against an Adam Johnson attack just minutes after entering the field of play. We lost Rafael, who was playing brilliantly, and his replacement, Brown, was solid. Evra is another victim on our never ending injury list. I hope they're back soon. My man of the match is Vidic. He was an absolute rock at the back. Immense is an understatement for his performance today. N.B. I expected more from Nani, but maybe he's still carrying an injury.

All in all I'm dissapointed we failed to create more chances, however, I am quite happy that "massive" City couldn't even beat us in their own back yard. Aston Villa away on Sat. Tough game.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

United 2 - 1 Wolves

van der Sar
Brown Ferdinand Vidic O'Shea(Scholes)
Park Fletcher Hargreaves(Bebe)(Macheda) Evra
Obertan Hernandez

United didn't play well at all. In fact, I think Wolves deserved a minimum of 1 point after that performance. With the clock ticking and a hair dryer treatment from Fergie looming large, United had no other option than to attack late in the game. United played the best football during the final 10 minutes. Park scored late in the first half after a very good pass (Darren's first and final decent pass of the match) from Darren Fletcher. Then late in the second half, just when I thought that we were heading to another disappointing draw, the Korean scored a great goal after controlling a delightful Scholes pass and dribbling past two Wolverhampton players. Well done Parky!

Why did United intensify their attacks on Wolves just during the final 10 minutes? The answer is simple. It' because Scholes was introduced during that period. From the second he came on the field of play he delivered pin point passes. He's on the wrong side of the 30's, but he is still a player we heavily depend upon. He replaced O'Shea and the impact was almost tangible. No offence to John, he's a decent squad player but he is no midfielder. He lacks ideas and we were never going to penetrate their stubborn defence with him at the centre. At the front, isolated Chicharito did reasonably well, although he would have been better off if he didn't dive in the box twice.

Not everyone played his part in this win. I'm refering to Bebe. He had a shocker of a match. His crosses were absolutely horrific. A winger's main aim is to deliver decent balls into the area and Bebe just didn't do that today. This was a match he will need to forget quickly and hopefully learn from his mistakes. I thought he was a decent buy but I may have been wrong. Time will tell. Meanwhile the other winger, Obertan, showed some fine touches but wasn't effective. He tried to score a spectacular goal but failed miserably. Still a lot of room for improvement.

Now, I just have to say something about Owen Hargreaves. My friend told me that he was starting the match and I was really looking forward to see him play again. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived at the Man Utd Club (where I watch the matches), he had already been stretchered off the field. I like Hargreaves. When fully fit he's a really good football player but heck that guy is surely jinxed. I hope this latest injury setback won't keep him on the sidelines for too long. This is surely our last chance to see him playing in the red of United :(

The derby looms large. If we play like we did today we're in for a battering against a wounded City side. However, we did play without most of our prolific players today so let's look on the bright side...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Buraspor 0 - 3 United

Rafael Smalling Vidic Evra(Fabio)
Nani(Park) Fletcher(Bebe) Scholes Carrick Obertan

So we are virtually through to the next round, getting the needed point from the forthcoming matches should be an easy task. United were mediocre during the first half against a team who where there for the taking. However, during the second period we saw a different United who upped the tempo and killed a relatively weak team. Fletcher scored a well placed shot, Obertan scored a very good goal and so did Bebe. I was really pleased to see the Frenchman and Portugese score. Such goals will surely help these youngsters keep developing and hopefully become Manchester United quality players. In my opinion they're still not quality players although they both, especially Bebe, show great potential.

All in all everyone played a good game except for Berbatov. He looks like last years' player. A player who looks lost on the pitch and takes long to pull the trigger. He should have scored a goal today but he keeps insisting on killing fast flowing football with that extra touch which in turn gives the defenders the chance to recover and defend against him.

Another game full of positives(except the Nani and Fletcher injuries), another win and another clean sheet. Things are finally looking good at United and I hope we extend this winning streak with wins over Wolves and then Manchester City. Come on UNITED!