Happy New Year!

The time is ticking on the year 2010. Football-wise, it was one heck of a roller coaster for us United die hards. We won the League Cup and have added another Charity Shield to our glittering trophy cabinet. However, during this year, the trophies we yearned for have eluded us. We were one point away from clinching that historic 19th(and 4 in a row) league title. We also bowed out of the Champions League after destroying Bayern Munich in a breath taking first half and then surrendering in the second period to an Arjen Robben el-Twatski inspired Bayern. We got kicked out of the FA Cup, normally 3rd in our demanding wishlist, after a defeat to Leeds. Getting kicked out of this competition having played just one game is difficult for us, but to get kicked out by Leeds added insult to injury.

We had to cope with the void left by the departure of the great Ronaldo and witnessed Rooney's emergence from the shadows of the Portuguese. We sang Wayne's name and supported him in every single move he made, we applauded every goal he made, we were happy because our Rooney was suddenly untouchable. In the same year he turned from hero to villain. We stood by him through his injuries and his nightmare at the World Cup but he chose to betray us and demand a move away from this club. We had to bear the image of a broken Ferguson admitting Rooney will leave in January and then, just a couple of days later, we were happy because ManUtd.com confirmed Rooney was staying.

Berbatov, whose touch & control I never questioned, managed to force some curse words out of my mouth during the beginning of 2010 but has since been on song scoring goals for fun and winning most of his doubters and that includes me.

New players came in, with the arrival of a young Mexican, who performed so well during the 2010 World Cup, sparking the most interest. Chicharito stole our hearts and is now one of our most loved players. Meanwhile our senior players were ever present in our side during the past year. VDS was immense, Giggs and Neville inspired our young side with diligent talks and setting an example at the club while Scholes delivered one pin point pass after the other. We aslo had to wave Solskjaer goodbye for good. The revival of Anderson was another highlight of the final few months of 2010. He escaped the clutches of death last Summer and forced his way into the side with a string of some excellent performances. The young Brazilian is finally looking like the player we paid 18million for. Nani also had a great year. He's still a far cry from Ronaldo but he's proving to be of great importance to this side.

On a personal note, I didn't go to Old Trafford in 2010. The last time I've been there was in December 2009. I will however go to Manchester this February and hopefully see the derby game. Speaking of derbies, 2010 has now added another digit to that ticker at Old Trafford! We managed to beat Man City, the self proclaimed massive club, in the League Cup semi final and in their own back yard in a league match. 2010 also marked the epic fall of Liverpool from the highs of Champions League football to the lowly depths of the Europa League. In 2011 we might have the opportunity of not seeing Liverpool in any euro competitions at all! Our other rivals Chelsea started 2010 on a high but have ended it on a low. The team that most pundits tagged as "unbeatable" has now drowned in off field and on field crisis. Arsenal have become one year older but their team still plays like, in the words of Evra, "boys".

The 4-0 drubbing of Milan, our win over the same team at the San Siro, our 3-2 win over Liverpool, the 7-1 trashing of Blackburn, the win at Eastlands, the League Cup semi final win over shitty, the 3-1 win over the Gunners at the Emirates and a host of other games will surely remain in our minds. The image of a grinning John Terry holding our trophy is however something I long to forget from the past year.

2010 wasn't a great year but I think it was a good year. Here's hoping 2011 will see United getting that 19th League title and do well in(hopefully win) the other competitions. Fasten your seat belts, this could be another great ride!



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Try it my RED friend.

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