Farewell Ronaldo

So apparantly Real Madrid have offered 80million sterling for Cristiano Ronaldo and Man Utd have accepted the bid. Ronaldo will be a Real Madrid player by the end of June when they will unveil both him and Kaka as their new summer signings.
To be honest I don't know how to react. I'm pretty happy that we got rid of a player whose ego is bigger than Mourinho's and who thinks that Man Utd revolves around him. On the other hand I'm pretty disappointed that we have lost a quality player who could score 20+ goals per season as well as score important goals in big matches(remember that goal vs Porto? Those goals vs Villa? The ones vs the Gunners?)
I guess it was his dream to play for Madrid and it had to happen at a time or another but after his comments about how much he loves United I thought he was going to stay for at least 2 more seasons. The fact that Madrid bought Kaka also made me think that Ronaldo won't go to Madrid this Summer. Anyway I'd like to thank Ronaldo for helping United win 3 Premier Leagues, 2 Carling Cups, an Fa Cup, A European Cup and a World Cup. But to be honest with you, I really hope he doesn't do well at Madrid :) I'm a wee bit selfish and I really hate Real Madrid. I hope we meet in the Champions League next season and we beat them.
Meanwhile potential replacements for Ronaldo have already been mentioned these include Valencia and Ribery...


Anonymous said…
The latest news is: that the latics have confirmed that they have received a bid from United for Valencia. I honestly think that he will be on of our summer signings soon.

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