Thursday, May 22, 2008


Boy I’m over the moon. I opted to go and watch this match at the Manchester United Supporters Club Gozo because I thought that I just could not get through this final alone. Being surrounded by supporters who feel the same emotion as you really makes you feel less nervous.

My confidence grew along the course of time as I watched my heroes giving Chelsea one heck of a game. The club erupted as Ronaldo scored a marvellous goal. The missed chances by Carrick and Tevez made me feel a little less confident about the match and my confidence was shortly sent rock bottom when Lampard levelled. As the game grew older Chelsea looked like scoring but when they hit the woodwork twice, I really thought this was going to be our year. I remember in ’99, Byern Munich hit our woodwork twice too.

The penalty shoot out was next and I just could not bear the tension and decided to leave the club and head off to a quiet area near the Gozo General Hospital. There I found 2 other guys who couldn’t bear watch the penalty shoot out, just like me. As we prayed together I phoned Glenn and asked him what was happening. He told me that if Chelsea miss their next penalty we will be crowned champions. The other two lads and I waited patiently until we heard a distant shout. Shortly afterwards a member of the MUSCG sprinted towards us and told us United had won. We ran frantically towards the club as if our lives depended on this run and there we saw on the big screen our jubilant heroes parading on the Luzhniki pitch. The emotion involved is just indescribable.

United had just won the Champions League, scoring 20 goals and conceding a mere 6 in the process. Nothing more than we deserved, we were the only team unbeaten in this competition. I just wish I could live such moments over and over again, who knows what the future holds? It certainly looks bright.

Thanks lads for the memories. We are the Champions Of Europe and Champions of England :D Everything our heart desired.

Now I’m off to study physics. My heart desires another thing. Passing my a level exams, which is a mammoth of a task given the fact that I didn't do well in Maths.

United 1 - 1 Chelsea (1-1AET) (6-5 on penalties)

Brown Ferdinand Vidic Evra
Hargreaves Carrick Scholes Ronaldo
Rooney Tevez

Finally the day had arrived. All United fans had been waiting for this date for 9 years. Fergie decided to go for the 4-4-2 which really made me believe that we could win this match.

Ronaldo, inevitably, scored the first goal for United after some fine work by Brown. United should have been up and away over the horizon by half-time. They could have scored at least two other goals. I thought we were going to dread those missed chances and boy I was right! Seconds to go for half time and Lampard, surely with a little help from above, scored the equalizer completely against the run of play.

The second half was all about Chelsea they huffed and puffed but couldn't score that killer goal. Nutcase Drogba and Lampard both hit the woodwork, it could well have been Chelsea’s name on the cup but United didn’t give up and defended well.

The extra time had little to offer except for a great chance for Ryan Giggs which was superbly saved by the then hero Terry. Later Drogba was sent off for slapping Vidic.

The penalty shoot out saw United winning this game after a great save by Van Der Sar on Anelka’s penalty. As Edwin van der Sar beat away Nicolas Anelka’s spot-kick, the United team raced from the halfway line to bury him under a mound of bodies. All apart from one player. Back in the centre-circle, Ronaldo lay face down with his head in the turf. Breathing the greatest sigh of relief of his career.
Ratings :

VDS – 9 – Our hero in the penalty shoot out and made a great save during the match when Ferdinand nearly did a ‘John Arne Rise’
Brown – 8 – Excellent defending.
Ferdinand – 8 – Excellent once again, should be made captain of England.
Vidic – 9 – Man Of The Match. Excellent performance by the Serbian.
Evra – 7 – Great link up play with Ronaldo, was a threat all night long.
Ronaldo – 8 – Scored a great goal and showed why he’s considered the best player in the world by making a fool of Essien.
Carrick – 7 – Did his job in the midfield and scored the penalty although he could have ended the match in the first half had he placed the ball well.
Scholes – 7 – Did everything for the United cause. United legend.
Hargreaves – 8 – Great game by the Englishman. Stole important balls in the middle of the pitch and pushed forward. Well taken penalty too.
Tevez – 7 – Could have scored twice in the first half. In the end he took his penalty well.
Rooney – 7 – One thing you can always guarantee with Roo is that if he is not getting much joy in front of goal his work rate will always help the team.
Anderson - 6 - Player for like 1 minute but took his penalty cooly.
Nani - 6 - Didn't really have an impact but scored the penalty.
Giggs - 7 - He could have scored during extra time it is wasn't for Terry but ended up scoring the vital penalty.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Yep United have done it again. We have been confirmed as the best team in England for the 17th time. One title to go and we reach Liverpool's record and loot their bragging rights.
At the start of the season I was really worried that United wouldn't make it this year. In the opening matches of the campaign United dropped some points and failed to play the football we got accustomed to in the previous season. I really thought this United team wasn't going to meet its expectations but I was dead wrong.

After that horrific spell, United won games in style. United only lost once, drawn once and won the remainder against a 'top-four' team i.e Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. That shows that we really are the best of the best. United could have won the title on goal average but in the end we won by a two point margin.

We must look at the present and I just can't contain my joy at winning the Premier League for the 10th time. It ain't fair giving all the credit to Ronaldo for driving us towards this title, the whole squad has done well so the credit goes to the WHOLE squad. We are no one-man team. Of course Ronaldo was inspirational this season and his form has certainly been fruitful to our club.

United deserved to win the title. Most of the matches United played have been exciting. United play that kind of football that leaves you on the edge of your seat. In my opinion whoever plays this kind of football deserves to be crowned champions.

Reasons to why United are Champions - Crushing sides at Old Trafford, Great Defence, Great Attackers, Great influence from the 'newboys' (i.e Hargreaves, Tevez, Anderson, Nani), Squad Depth, Experiece. (Reference made from

We are confirmed as the Champions of England again, but why don't we get some steps further and get the right to call ourselfs CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE? We are certainly capable so let's do it guys, bring the European cup back to Old Trafford. I'm not being too greedy, Am I?

Congratulations. Champions Of England.


Wigan 0 - 2 United


Brown Ferdinand Vidic Evra

Ronaldo Scholes Carrick Park

Tevez Rooney

Obviously Fergie started the best XI and probably this will be the starting line up for the Champions League final.

The goals were scored by Ronaldo and Ryan Giggs. Giggs today reached Bobby Charlton's record as the all time player with the most appearances. But personal glory really mean nothing to Giggs, his mind was on leading United to our 17th League title.

United ended the match 2-0 and worthy winners of the Barclays Premier League :)

VDS-7, Brown-8, Rio-8, Vidic-7, Evra-8, Ronaldo-7, Scholes-7, Carrick-7, Park-7, Tevez-7, Rooney-7.

Come On United

I am very very nervous, our biggest league game of the season will kick off in about 30 mins. A win will crown us Champions of England for the 17th time.

Come on United! Do your best and make us proud :D

UTD TILL I DIE, no matter what.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

United 4 - 1 West Ham

Hargo Rio Brown Evra
Park Carrick Scholes Nani
Ronaldo Tevez

This was yet another step towards our 17th League title. One step to go, which would be completed if Newcastle manage to beat Chelsea tomorrow (Monday). Ronaldo opened the score with a fine effort and got his brace after scoring a ‘lucky’ goal. Tevez scored a beauty and Carrick got his name on the score sheet as well. Westham’s goal was nothing short of spectacular. Well done to Dean Ashton.

Everyone played well in this match except for Nani who showed his immaturity and got himself sent off after 40 minutes. He head butted Neill, a stupid thing to do especially given the fact that United were cruising and had no pressure at all. Nani will surely be given a talking to by Fergie.

Anyway our last match is against Wigan, mind you this team could play and that’s why I am praying for Chelsea to slip up against Newcastle. So come on you TOONS!

Ratings – VDS- 6, Hargreaves-7, Rio-8, Brown-8, Evra-7, Ronaldo-8, Carrick-7, Scholes-8, Park-7, Tevez-8, Nani-5 (Fletcher-7, O’Shea-6, Giggs-7)