Euro 2008 & United Transfers

Euro 2008
The Euro 2008 is now 6 days old. Not seeing England play in this tournament really hurts me but I guess that's the consequence for playing crappy football during the qualifiers. To be honest I think half the teams competing in the tournament aren’t half as good as England. Oh well.

Most matches have been boring. France’s football match the other day was more boring than watching grass grow. Meanwhile the World Champs have been sent back to planet earth with an embarrassing loss to Holland. It made my day. I hate Italians with a passion.

Holland has impressed me and so did Portugal. I think these two together with Germany and Spain have a great chance of winning the tournament, unless an underdog manages to nick the trophy with boring defensive tactics and, of course, luck. Remember Greece 4 years ago?

Still, if I had any money I would put it on Holland.
Meanwhile at UNITED things aren’t looking good. Ramsey has decided to join Arsenal instead of United. I heard he’s a great player but to be honest with you I have never seen him play nor watched any videos of him on Youtube therefore I cannot comment on his skill.
And there’s of course ‘The Ronaldo Saga’. The press has been linking Ronaldo with Real Madrid for a month now and I think Ronaldo is on the verge of joining Real. We knew that he wanted to play for a Spanish club sometime in his career, but to do what he has done is purely disrespectful to his manager, collegues and the supporters. On one day he says that he is going to stay with United and the next day he says that he wants to play for Real. Than his Mum comes out of her closet and says that he will surely play for United next season while her son says that if Real offer United £75million than he is willing to move on. I don’t know, maybe he wants a rise and a bettered contract or maybe he really wants to move on. But why doesn’t he stop playing with the United fans and says the darn truth. I’m starting to hate this guy, if he wants to move let him go. No one is bigger than Man Utd, not even the best player in the world.
Pique has been sold to Barcelona. His lack of first team experience this season has resulted into this move and I can't blame him. Having Vidic and Ferdinand competing with you for a place at centre back is a bit frightening. Good luck to Pique, he's a terrific player and has done his best for the United cause whenever asked to.
Manucho will most propably be loaned out to Athletico Madrid. It will take us a lot of time to finally see this striker play in a United shirt and therefore Fergie must buy a decent striker who could be a match winner instead of the wantaway Ronaldo. David Villa is interesting.
Astonishingly United hasn’t been linked with a lot of players this season. There’s just four players who have attracted Fergies attention. From the targets United have I would love to see Micah Richards join us, but being a City player that is highly unlikely.


mirror~me said…
you're quite right on this year's Euro performances! d 1st round was uninspiring...d 2nd round was...yea, slightly better even the dark horses i.e. austria, romania & sweden did well to at least 2 fight till the last drop. I'm betting on Orange s well ;)

maybe it's the media frenzy on this 'ronaldo-united-madrid-fergie' saga...but, for what its worth...i think we'd be better off without him s for now...its money over love...duh!
p/s: maybe Berbatov would spark some light?? ;)
Oliver said…
I can't say that we're better off without Ronaldo. I mean, no team in the world is better off without the 'best player in the world' If he leaves, he will surely be missed, because afterall he's a match winner.

The one thing that we would be better off is his attitude. Now that's sumtin i'd pay to get rid off.
Anonymous said…
too true. ronaldo surely has an attitude that is dispised by many. if the player does not wish to stay at manchester i think they should let him go and get all they can from his sale.

I think the last round of euro has been exciting. I wouldnt have bet a dime that italy would have passed the group stage. as for the teams not being half as good as england you are mightly wrong - if england wer half as good as u think they are they surely would have passed the qualifiers but they have not! the coach was unacceptable to start with! nd anyway y discuss the wat ifs -- they did not qualify and u have to live with it.
Oliver said…
As a matter of fact im living with the fact that England did not qualify :P But I still believe England had a better team than the likes of Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Sweeden, France(they really sucked during this tournament), Czech Republic, Russia, Romania, Turkey. We just didn't have a good coach. There again I must admit that Portugal, Spain, Germany, Croatia and of course Holland are better than us. There's no doubt about that. Anyway I just wish Italy get knocked out soon. I hate them as you might have noticed

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