Liverpool 0 - 1 United

Brown Rio Vida Evra
Ronaldo Hargreaves Anderson Giggs
Rooney Tevez
Ok, it wasn't the best of goals but a goal is a goal and United managed to beat Liverpool at their own back yard thanks to Carlos Tevez who directed Rooney's thunderbolt to the back of the net.
United were prudent and disciplined, they attacked wisely and indeed scored against the run of play. Rooney shot Giggs' corner goal wards with Tevez flicking the ball into the roof of the net from close range. 1-0, and a massive psycological blow to Liverpool who, despite all the pressure they created, ended the first half a goal down.
In the second half Liverpool were determined to bring back themselfs level. They attacked relentlessly but United's defence, unlike Van der Sar, was impressive. Hargreaves played superbly and Anderson is continueing to flourish into the player we all know he is capable of being. Thanks to these players United kept their goal advantage, 1-0 the final score.
It's been a while since we lost against Liverpool at Anfield in the League. We should start calling Anfield our 'home' away from home. Our defence's performance today showed that this defence is the meanest defence in the Premierleague, the records (only 9 goals against) speak themselfs. Today Anderson & Hargreaves bossed the midfield & Rio made Torres (the tormentor[wot a joke]) look like the rest of this sorry team. Ronaldo was unusually quiet, to be honest with him he was well marked and Rooney, well, it wasn't one of his best performances.

Although its a long way to the end of the road, we're looking like the team capable of winning the League. Such wins against big opponents who are title contenders themselfs will give United a big boost and of course a largened point advantage. United where on top of the table after this game, but Arsenal's win on Chelsea meant our stay at the top didn't last long. But I beleive after the Christmas period we will be back where we belong, i.e. The Top.

Player Ratings - VDS-5, Brown-7, Vidic-7, Ferdinand-8, Evra-7, Ronaldo-5, Hargreaves-8, Anderson-7, Giggs-5, Rooney-6, Tevez-7.


Jiahao said…
Stevie Red said…
This was a Big win, it's significance will prevail come end of the season.
Anonymous said…
what a sorry team liverpool is!
utd all the way :D
manutdforever said…
luky goal..?? who cares..!! rafa shud stop moanin..tactically fergie was spot on..he could hv easily gone for carrick instead of anderson..but that wud hv invited pressure on us..anderson n hargreaves to b fair marked stevie g out of the on the other hand showed y we paid 30 million for him..makin torres look like a kid..! haha..rooney ronaldo giggs all had an off day..just shows v r true champs..! hats of to anderson..really coped wit the pressure wel..!! (he is sooooo fukin STRONG..!)OVERALL not a gr8 performance..but all the same a gr8 result..GGMU..forever..!!

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