United 1 - 2 Swansea

Smalling Rio(Fabio s/o) Evans Buttner
Valencia(Januzaj) Cleverley Fletcher Kagawa
Welbeck Chicharito

So we're out of the FA Cup after yet another defeat at Old Trafford, this time against the mighty Swansea. Nah, this is getting a tad ridiculous now. Moyes doesn't have many players to pick from, due to a host of injuries, but the players he's starting are letting everyone down. I'm no tactical expert so I'd rather leave the tactical analysis to people who really know football but it doesn't take a footballing genius to realise that a lot of our players are not motivated enough to wear the color of United. There are some players who look like they're trying to do their best but the majority cannot be arsed. 

There's a lot of dead wood in the team which needs to be cleared out. Kagawa is one of them. Don't start with the same old argument that he's being played out of position. Smalling plays out of position at right back and he gets a barrage of abuse after every performance there. So why doesn't anyone pity our English centre-back and raise the same argument that is brought about whenever Kagawa has a stinker of a game? At least Smalling does well at centre-back. Not the same can be said of Kagawa when he plays in his 'natural position'.... wherever that may be. His legions of fans in the far east can just fuck off for all I care. 

With all due respect, a midfield comprising of Fletcher and Cleverley would struggle against championship sides, never-mind against teams hailing from the PL. Fletcher will give you his heart but there ain't much you can do after the illness he has endured. As for Cleverley, yeah he's one of us, I think he tries his best for the team but his talent is limited. He's good as a substitute player with a bit-part role but that's about it. Manchester United should have a better midfielder. And that's all we really need. A powerful playmaker who's got the balls to take risks. Someone who's inventive. Rooney could fill that role but he doesn't really fancy himself in that position so we'll probably have to spend some cash this January and hopefully save our season. 

Our best player today was probably Buttner and that really speaks heaps of the effort put in by the other guys. He delivered some decent crosses but, as usual, his defending left much to be desired. Not much I can say about the other players, except that I expect much better from them.

As for Moyes, I'll still back him no matter what. He's not doing particularly well, true, but he needs to build his own squad and get rid of the rubbish left by Ferguson. Then we'll be able to judge him properly. It will take time, but we'll be back. No doubt about that. Until then, we'll probably have to endure one heart ache after the other.... let's just hope everything will be worth the wait.


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