Sunday, March 23, 2008

United 3 - 0 Liverpool

Brown Ferdinand Vida Evra
Ronaldo Carrick Anderson Scholes Giggs

Yep, we've won again :) This was Uniteds 7th win over Liverpool in the last 8 matches, and they brag about being the biggest team in England, what a joke! Torres the so called 'torrmentor' wasn't a threat at all. Mainly because we've got the best defence in the Pemier League. Uniteds 3 could have easily been 4 or even 5, but the post denied us twice.
The first goal was scored by Brown, jaw dropping, I know. His header deflected off Reina and into an empty net. Mascherano, the Liverpool midfield maestro, turned into a complete idiot and literally got himself sent off. So with a player more there was no question who was going to win this contest. We survived a few scares but the game was put to bed by Ronaldo and Nani. The latter had a stunning impact on the match. And this only makes me question Fergie, Why on earth doesn't he start Nani instead of Giggs? Only he can answer the question, the impact made by Nani on the match is evident. Carrick had a good game and so did Anderson, although he could improve a wee bit his shooting. The defence, well, it was exceptional.

Some might criticize Rooney for not scoring, his finishing may have been crap lately but he provided 2 assists today and countless of others in the previous matches. His main priority is clear, the good of the team and not the showboating or personal glory.

Our next match is away to Roma. I don't really expect United to win, Roma are a tough nut to crack especially at the Olimpico.

Player Ratings - VDS-6, Brown-7, Ferdinand-8, Vidic-7, Evra-7, Ronaldo-7, Scholes-6, Carrick-7, Anderson-7, Giggs-6, Rooney-7. (Nani-8, Tevez-7)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

United 2 - 0 Bolton

Fletcher Pique Vidic O'Shea
Ronaldo Hargreaves Anderson Nani
Tevez Saha

Another win, although I must say, United did bore me to death. After scoring 2 goals in the space of 20 minutes I expected more goals were to follow. Anyway Ronaldo proved to be our hero once again. I just don’t want to picture United should Ronaldo leave in the Summer.

A lot, including myself, used to question Ronaldo’s freekick abilities but he answered in the best way possible. By scoring some beauties.

United isn’t all about Ronaldo (although sometimes I doubt it), Tevez played quite well and so did Nani who’s gathering confidence with every match he plays. Kuzchak did well too and I firmly believe that if VDS gets injured during the final run in, we’ve got 2 goalies who are more than capable of playing in the first team.

Rooney’s last couple of games have been absolutely crap, he seems to be hibernating. I hope he wakes up in time for our final run in, the ‘squeeky bum time’. I lost patience with Saha, his confidence has hit an all time low and only a goal will give him a boost. A goal which seems to be impossible with the way he is playing lately.

Our next game is vs Liverpool, I hope Fergie plays the BEST XI. Keeping Torres at bay is vital if we want to win this match. Like Ronaldo, the Spaniard seems to be unstoppable at the moment. Roll on next weekend…

Kuszczak 7, Fletcher-7, Pique-6, Vidic-7, O'Shea-6, Ronaldo-8, Hargreaves-7, Anderson-7, Nani-6, Saha-5, Tevez-7. (Brown-7, Scholes-6, Rooney-6)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Derby 0 - 1 United

I didn't watch this match since I had my accounting private lessons, but I was kept updated about the scoreline. Judging the highlights it seems that I didn't miss an awful lot. Anyway Ronaldo once again spared our blushes and now we're on top of the table and we've got a game in hand.
Our next match is vs Bolton at Old Trafford. A win is expected as we keep marching on towards another premier league title.
Regarding the Champions League, we have drawn against Roma. As we have already shown this season we are more than capable of beating them but their performance against Real Madrid really makes you ponder. They have certainly matured and could get their revenge for last years 7-1 humilation. There again, I believe we are more than capable of beating them.
Until then, keep the red flag flying high!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

United 0 - 1 Portsmouth

So the dim hopes of seeing United win another treble have vanished thanks to an unlikely victory by Portsmouth. It just wasn't our day, a ball against the up right, 2 goal line clearences. Credit to the brave Pompey defence.
It was an entertaining match which had everything, a goal, a dismissal and of course Ferdinand ending between the posts as a goalie. Anyway had United gone past Portsmouth we would have been clear favourites to regain the oldest cup in the world, but I guess that's the magic of the FA Cup. Chelsea surely learned a lesson about its' magic.
I will support Barnsley in this years competition. They have surely stunned everyone. On the positive side, this weekend Arsenal were held to a goaless draw. That means that if United win their game in hand we will be back at the top of the table. :D Next match is vs Derby, I'm sure we'll win, but having said that you can never be sure in football, coz it's a funny old game.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

United 1 - 0 Lyon


Brown Rio Vida Evra

Ronaldo Fletcher Carrick Anderson Nani


A game as exciting as watching grass grow, but it's the result that matters and United managed to scrape through. Ronaldo proved to be our match winner, yet again as he netted his 30th goal in 30 matches. Pure brilliance, he's a genius!

Wayne Rooney cut an isolated figure up front on his own and saw little of the ball which really frustrated me, since I love seeing Wayne Rooney playing. With the formation played, we couldn't really see Wayne Rooney's true colours.

Fletcher played quite well and so did another unsung United player, Brown. United played efficiently, yet bored me to death! But at least I can look forward to another 2 European nights. With Milan & Real Madrid knocked out of the competition, I feel this really could be out year. We defenitely could beat the remaining English sides especially at Old Trafford! The only team that worries me is Barcelona. So I just hope we don't draw against them, but if we want to win the Cup we must win against the best teams. Barca defenitely posses enough talent to be considered a great team.

Next Match Vs Porthsmouth, I expect a win, and yet another step towards silverware :)

VDS-6, Brown-7, Rio-7, Vida-7, Evra-6, Ronaldo-7, Nani-7, Carrick-6, Fletcher-7, Anderson-6, Rooney-7.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Fulham 0 - 3 United

O'Shea Rio Brown Evra
Park Scholes Hargreaves Nani
Saha Tevez

Unlike last year, this year's encounter at Craven Cottage was quite easy for Man Utd. Hargreaves got his first goal in a Man Utd shirt and Park got his first of the season. An own goal by Simon Davies made the score 3-0.
It wasn't the best of matches but at least United showed signs that we can play and win even when 3 of our most influential players aren't playing. Im refering to Ronaldo, Rooney and Vidic.
Anyway I'm quite pleased with what United are doing, the only negative in this game was the fact that Saha didn't score. Another goal would have sent his confidence Sky high and he should have sent the ball to the back of the net in the opening minutes. Nani had another great game, Park played well too and Schole's passing was next to perfect.
Another up from this weekend is Arsenal's 1-1 draw, we're now just a point away from the summit.
Out next match is a vital one, against Lyon at home. I believe United should win this match and qualify for the next round. But football is a funny old game.
Come On You Reds

Newcastle 1 - 5 United

I'm sorry since it took me a week to update this blog but I've been quite busy recently, mainly due to the fact that my Annual exams are looming large. So studying is the highest priority right now, but I'm still watching all Man Utd's games.
United played really well during this match and all players were up for Newcastle's challenge. It was a great attacking display from Man Utd and our class paid the dividents. Saha scored while Rooney and Ronaldo got a brace each. Rooney's second goal had class written all over it. Amazing.