Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Valencia 0 - 1 United

Rafael(O'Shea) Rio Vidic Evra
Nani Anderson(Chicharito) Carrick Fletcher Park

I never expected United to get a point at the Mestalla, nevermind the 3 points. It was a 50 - 50 game, anyone could have won it because no one was superior to the other. We showed good discipline at the back and we looked comfortable defending Valencia's attacks. In fact this was the first match this season, during which, I felt confident in our defence. That's the difference Rio and Rafael brought to the team. They're miles ahead of Evans and O'Shea!

It was good to see Anderson play again. He did quite well and will only get better as he regains fitness. Another player making a comeback is Carrick. He did make me curse a couple of times but passed the ball well on others. Again, he will get better once he regains full fitness and gets some games under his belt. However, on the left hand side, Park and Evra were frustrating. Park looks slow and Evra was beaten too easily in one on one situations. He needs to regain his pre-world cup form!

At the end of the game Fergie decided to bring on Macheda and Chicharito and this move paid dividends almost instantly. The subs combined with Nani and our Mexican scored a very well taken goal. Such a goal shows that this guy has the talent and charachter to influence big games when called upon. Well done Hernandez, Well done UNITED!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bolton 2 - 2 United

O'Shea Vidic Evans Evra
Nani Fletcher(Owen) Scholes Giggs(Park)
Rooney(Macheda) Berbatov

Some say this was a point gained, other say two points lost. In my opinion we gained a point because Bolton could have buried us if they converted a couple of decent chances, however, I'm still disapointed we couldn't capitalise on the Londoner's slip yesterday. We are a point closer to Chelsea, but I'd rather be a point behind them! We are now second with Arsenal and Man City breathing heavily down our necks, but hey it's still September and trailing "unstoppable" Chelsea by 3 points isn't such a big issue.

Nani scored a superb goal and Owen helped us get the point with a very good header. The problem today was, as with all the other games, our defence. Evans did well at times but was atrocious on others. Vidic will have better games while O'Shea and Evra were poor once again. O'Shea is to be blamed for Bolton's second, he should have been defending that area rather than Park. Evra, this year, looks uninterested. At the front, after last week's highs, Berbatov was sent back to planet earth by being marked out of the game. On the other hand Rooney wasn't awful today, but I still expect more from such a talented player.

All in all I'm pretty dejected. Not being capable of winning a game away from home is very worrying and we still have to face a lot of very strong teams both home and away. I'll take the season game by game and see how it evolves and whatever happens I'll still keep the red flag flying high! Meanwhile a tough away game vs Valencia looms large. Come on United.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scunthorpe 2 - 5 United

Brown Rio Smalling Rafael
Chicharito Gibson Anderson Park
Owen Macheda
As expected United won this game but it was no walk in the park. Scunthorpe caused a catalogue of problems for our defenders and our goalie wasn't that convincing. Gibson delightful chip cancelled Scunthorpe's shock lead. Smalling scored his first United goal and a brace by Owen and a goal by Park followed. Overall it was a good game and I'm delighted for Rio and Anderson for completing the 90minutes. Another positive is Bebe's contribution when he entered the field of play. Chicharito and Macheda were a tad disappointing though, the former was played out of position and that may be the reason why he never really got going. Bolton away next. Tricky fixture but I expect United to get the first away win of the season.

On another note, City, Liverpool and Chelsea have been dumped out of the Carling Cup. I thought City's only real chance of silverware this season was either the Carling Cup or the Fa Cup. Well, they won't win the League Cup for sure. That's how it feels like to be CITY! Bwaha!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

United 3 - 2 Liverpool

O'Shea Vidic Evans Evra
Nani(Gibson) Fletcher Scholes Giggs(Macheda)
Berbatov(Anderson) Rooney

United managed to throw away a two goal lead against scouse opposition yet again. However, this week we came out on top with a deserved 3-2 win. Liverpool didn't even deserve to score a goal let alone two! Berbatov, the same guy who I kept criticising over and over again during the past 2 seasons, scored a hat-trick, the pick of the bunch scored after a sublime bicycle kick. This is the player Fergie paid 30million quid for and I'm glad Fergie's patience is finally reaping benefits.

United played really well today, however just like vs Everton last week, there were those 5 minutes during which our defence was all over the place and committed stupid & useless fouls. Evans shouldn't have committed himself vs the ladyboy, that challenge was clumsy and I think O'Shea didn't foul Liverpool's nancy boy but the latter dived like a professional diver and the ref took the bait. If that was a foul, then O'Shea should have been sent off....simple as that.

I'm glad for our Bulgarian, however Rooney has hit an all time low. His passes are good, one shouldn't expect less than a decent pass from a player who earns 120k a week, but he's not getting in scoring positions and that's the reason he is not scoring this season. I hope he gets back to his usual self SOON! Meanwhile at the back we're not looking comfortable at all, in fact we conceded 8 goals in the premier league. Aspiring champions do not concede that amount of goals in 5 games. Anyway our next match is vs Scunthorpe, we will definitely see some young players on show. C'mon United!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

United 0 - 0 Rangers

Brown Smalling Rio Fabio(Evans)
Valencia(Giggs) Fletcher Gibson Park(Owen)
Chicharito Rooney

So Fergie decided to make 10 changes from last Saturday's game vs Everton. Fletcher was the sole survivor of last week's starting XI. United were rarely threatened at the back, however the rare Rangers attacks were dealt with brilliantly by the back four. Smalling had a very good game and he actually passed the ball instead of shooting it skywards everytime. Park and Rooney were, imo, poor. Rooney gave the ball away too cheaply for my liking. Meanwhile, at the heart of our midfield, Gibson had a really good game. He was our only player who looked like scoring, his shot is terrifying and quite accurate as well. I like Gibbo.

Anyway this was a frustrating match. Rangers parked a bus infront of their goal, they defended with 8 players and tried to play the counter attacking game. To add insult to injury, when we were getting a grip on the game, Valencia broke his foot and will probably miss most of the season. I'm resigned to losing Antonio for the rest of the season and I really feel gutted for the lad. I wish him a speedy recovery.

We couldn't break down a stubborn Rangers defence and I guess we really missed Scholes's passes today. He was rested ahead of the crunch game vs Liverpool as was Berbatov who could have opened the Scotmen's defence with his crisp passing. Anyway, because of Smith's anti-football tactics we lost 3 precious points at the theatre of dreams. Roll on next Sunday and I hope we end this bleak run. C'mon United!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Everton 3 - 3 United

Neville Vidic Evans Evra
Nani O'Shea Fletcher Scholes Giggs

When I saw the starting line up I knew that we were going to be troubled by this Everton side, however, at 3-1 up I thought the game was won. I couldn't possibly foresee those 2 minutes of madness, during which, Everton managed to level the scoreline and were very unfortunate not to score the winner. Our defending, after the 90th minute, was appalling.

Everton played well during the first half, but United were the most threatening when in front of goal. O'Shea, incredibly, hit the upright and Howard performed miracles between the Everton posts. Fletcher, Berbatov and Vidic scored the goals that should have been enough for United to get the 3 points. The football played at times was brilliant but those bloody two minutes at the death ruined what would have been a very good match.

Another two points thrown away, but we can look on the bright side. We managed to get another point in a ground where we didn't get a single point last year.. always look on the bright side of life tralalalalala