Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunderland 0 - 1 United

Rafael(Evans) Smalling Vidic Buttner
Valencia Carrick Anderson(Cleverley) Young
Kagawa(Welbeck) RVP

Another 1-0 win, another clean-sheet and yet another step towards that 20th league title. Although we didn't set any houses on fire, our players did quite well. We ran Sunderland off the park during the first half but The Black Cats did produce some kind of reaction in the second period and that made up for a tense final few minutes. Then again, the tension I felt during today's game was negligible when compared to the heart stopping final minutes we experienced last year in the equivalent fixture. But that's history now, although, when thinking about it, last year's game is probably the reason we're running away with the league this year. 

An own goal, after some terrific work by RVP, paved the way to victory. We had a couple of decent chances to score more goals but that one goal will do. Valencia and Young worked hard today but did nothing too impressive. We're used to some good wingers at OT so only the highest of standards will do!  That's probably the reason why I've been criticizing Young and Valencia (especially the latter) all season. Carrick was his usual self and so was Anderson i.e. the Brazilian got tired after the first half and faded out of the game by the 80th minute. 

Our defense was excellent once again with our captain marshaling our defenders to another clean sheet.  Vidic man of the match. Clean sheets were as rare as rain in the desert during the first half of the season, we're keeping clean-sheets for fun now! 

So we're 15 points clear of City, 20 points clear of Tottenham, 22 points clear of Chelsea, 25 points clear of Arsenal and 32 points clear of Liverpool. Oh HAPPY DAYS

Chelsea next in the FA Cup. Not expecting much from the game. It's Chelsea's only realistic chance of winning silverware this season so they'll probably be really up for it. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

United 1 - 0 Reading

Smalling Rio Vidic Buttner
Welbeck Anderson(Kagawa) Giggs Young(Carrick)
Rooney RVP

That must've been the most boring game of the season. I swear I would've slept a little had it not been for the blabbering friend I had sat next to me. Reading defended well but DDG was never tested. We had some decent shots on target but our players never really shifted to second gear. 

Rooney scored the goal that won us the 3 points. These 3 points won't hide the fact that most, if not all, of our players underperformed. Our midfielders failed to create anything worth taking note of. Someone was missing from our midfield and that was Carrick. Anderson and Giggs never really got a grip of the game, even though they were facing an average Reading side. Fergie had to bring on Carrick late in the game to try and get more authority on the game. 

RVP continues his barren run. The guy must be quite surprised it's March and he's actually still in with a shout to win a trophy. That might explain why he's only been on the verge of decent recently. There were too many under-performers out  there to name them one by one. After City's loss to Everton, I expected a better reaction from our boys. 

On a good note, this was our 5th premier league clean-sheet in a row. To think that we were conceding goals at will some months ago, we've obviously seen a huge improvement in our defensive area. The last time we conceded was vs Southampton at OT. That was back in January. It seems like ages ago! 

9 games to go, 15 points clear, we're almost there. City will slip again, I'm sure about that. We'll probably win the league with a handful of games to spare. They say that it ain't over till the fat lady sings but I can almost hear her. Title number 20 is ours to lose. Come on United! 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

United 2 - 2 Chelsea

Rafael Rio Evans Evra
Nani(Valencia) Carrick Cleverley Kagawa(Welbeck)
Chicharito(RVP) Rooney

United started brightly but after the half-time break our players failed to show up. I thought the two goals, scored very early on, were paving a way to a good victory. However, we let Chelsea get back in the game and would be out of the FA Cup if it wasn't for De Gea. Chicharito and Rooney scored our goals.

Good Goal by Chicha
It wasn't a good day for most of our players. Rooney was mediocre, RVP is not in form, Cleverley struggled and Valencia was piss poor again. Heck, even Carrick, who delivered one world class pass for our 1st goal, didn't have the best of games today. Rafael and Evra left our central defenders too exposed. Chicharito didn't do much but scored a good goal. That's his job after all, he's not played to dictate games so I don't expect too much from him. Nani was having a good game but the guy must have the stinkiest of lucks in the world. Last Tuesday he was having a very good game and was unjustly sent off. Today, he was doing fine but had to be subbed off  during the 1st half due to injury. Kagawa was OK as well. In reality none of our players excelled today. After such a bright start, the result is quite disappointing but fatigue must have played a huge part today. Chelsea weren't battling one of Europe's best sides last Tuesday. Anyway, another game is something we could have done without! 

I'm not sure when the replay we be played but all I know is that whoever comes out on top at Stamford Bridge will face City at Wembley in the semi-finals. Whoever wins that semi-final will probably win this years FA Cup. The other teams left in the Cup aren't what I'd call menacing. 

It will be very difficult to win against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. The FA Cup is the only big competition they've got left to play for. They'll give it their all. Last week we were discussing the possibility of winning three trophies but now we'll have to face what is almost inevitable; we'll probably only end up with 1 trophy. I'd be more than happy with that one trophy though. Scrap that, I'd be over the moon with that trophy!!!

Let's hope we don't crumble. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

United 1 - 2 Real Madrid

Rafael(Valencia) Rio Vidic Evra
Nani(s/o) Carrick Cleverley(Valencia) Giggs Welbeck(Rooney)

These boys have done us proud
The moment that ruined a game
Jesus Christ. I never ever blame the ref for a loss, but I feel robbed tonight. That Turkish twat fucked up our European campaign when we looked pretty comfortable playing against the mighty Real Madrid. On the 60th minute,  when we were winning by a goal, the ref decided to send off Nani for a foul which should have been a yellow, at worst. The world thought Nani deserved a yellow, but no, the ref thought it's a red. Unbelievable. A game of that magnitude. Millions of people were watching from their homes while thousands paid over the odds to watch the game from Old Trafford's stands....and it got destroyed but one idiot. As soon as our player was sent off for an early shower, Real managed to score two and that was game over. We were never going to score two goals against this Real side. This wasn't a great Real side but it did the job nonetheless. 

Up until the sending off we were the better side. No doubt about that. Fergie's masterplan was working wonders. Real never looked threatening and Ronaldo was nullified. With 10 men it wasn't a contest. Real destroyed us. I know, their goalie did pull off a couple of fine saves, but there was only one winner and that was Real. We were too exposed. 

The last time we got knocked off in the quarter final, the ref also unjustly sent off Rafael. We always say that in the league, if one decision goes against you, fate would probably make sure that things even themselves out. That cannot happen  in the knock-out stages of the champions league though. One human error cost our team a place in the quarter-finals, a chance to repeat the historic treble and broke the hearts of millions of United fans. 

The only person who said it was a red card was Roy fuckin Keane. He was my idol back in the 90's but he's become a worthless piece of shit for me. He always tries to go against the current and say things that would upset the legions of fans who adored him. He said it was a red card. THAT JUST WASN'T A RED. Fergie didn't think it was, Mourinho didn't think it was, Kompany didn't think it was and Lineker didn't think it was. Heck even the few Real Madrid fans I met  after the game thought it was an abysmal decision. 

I have to applaud our players who put in a great shift. Giggs was admirable, Rio and Vidic were impeccable while Welbeck and Rafael worked tirelessly. If there was a player who disappointed me, it has to be Robin van Persie. I expected more from him.

Anyway, I hope one day these stupid refereeing decisions stop ruining such games. One single human error could cause major upset all around the world. I know it's difficult to find a solution to this but something must be done. How could a group of hard working players be sent out of a campaign because of one decision? How could thousands of people pay all that money to watch a game, only to be ruined by one person? Once again, it ain't really my thing to blame the ref but today the ref fucked up our good display. When players make a mistake, they normally pay for it either monetarily or by suspension. Why shouldn't refs be punished in the same way? I know I'm probably a tad pissed but this is my rant and I mean every word I just typed tonight. Now, let's get that 20th title. United till I die.

Football is just a game, isn't it? Ah, fuck off! 
Fergie will make sure this will be another great season

Saturday, March 2, 2013

United 4 - 0 Norwich

Smalling Evans Vidic Evra
Valencia Carrick Anderson(Cleverley) Kagawa
Rooney RVP(Welbeck)

I was pretty surprised when I saw the starting line-up. I had never thought that Carrick, Roo and Robin would feature in today's game. It was quite a risk to play our most influential players today against a side mistiming challenges left right and centre. Anyway, I'm glad all players left the field unscathed. Kagawa got a hat-trick to vindicate Fergie's comments that our Japanese's time will come. Roo put the icing on the cake with a thunderous finish late in the game. 

Up until the 77th minute it was quite a drab game. Norwich were defending well but created very little and our players never really shifted to second gear. Our boys upped the tempo in the final 13 minutes and put Norwich to the sword. It was a hard working display with a couple of moments of brilliance here and there. Carrick's ball to Rooney for our second goal was majestic, Kagawa's finishes were really good, our 4th goal was very easy on the eye and our defenders barely put a foot wrong. Even Valencia had a decent game on the right! 

It doesn't matter by how much you win. As long as we've got the 3 points then its job done. We've only got to take game by game until City run out of games to catch us. 

Next game is vs Real. I've got a feeling we'll do well. Unfortunately, Real Madrid seem to have left their best form of the season for this time of the year. I heard they were brilliant vs Barca in the Copa Del Rey and also today in their league game. However, irrespective of Real's current form, if our boys show up, we'll be just fine! 

Come on United! 

  • Norwich are the first team since Blackburn at Spurs last season to not record a single shot (excl. blocked) in a PL game.
  • Shinji Kagawa is the first player from Asia to score a Premier League hat-trick. 
  • Wayne Rooney has now scored or assisted 20 goals in 20 Premier League appearances for Man Utd this season.
  • Robin van Persie has now scored or assisted 27 goals in 28 Premier League appearances for Man Utd.