Sunday, August 28, 2011

United 8 - 2 Arsenal

De Gea
Smalling Jones Evans Evra
Nani(Giggs) Cleverley Anderson(Park) Young
Rooney Welbeck(Chicharito)
Excellent Display
An incredible match with an eye-brow raising scoreline. United were simply awesome today and even the most ardent Liverpool fan would excuse me for sounding this excited. Arsenal are weak, true, but you can only beat what's put in front of you and we did that with aplomb. I've already seen some pathetic excuses that Arsenal had 5 players injured/suspended but then again, Rio, Vidic,  Rafael, Carrick, Fletcher, Valencia and Berba weren't in our starting line up. So no excuses from that part dear Gunners, you have to have depth in squad to win the premier league!

Welbeck on the scoresheet again! Will be out for some weeks though
Earlier today I was impressed by a very good performance by our noisy neighbors and before every anti-united pundit started orgasming over City's good display of attacking football we scored 8 goals. That was the perfect reply. Rooney got a hat-trick with 2 fine freekicks and a well taken penalty. Young scored two beauties...goals which I can only envision on FIFA11. These players had a 5 star performance while the others had a 4 star game. Nani, who was a tad frustrating during the game, scored an outrageously audacious chip while Park and Welbeck got their names on the scoresheet as well. The only negatives from this game was probably Welbeck's apparent hamstring injury and Evans' clumsy challenge to give away a penalty. De Gea had a very good game today, he saved a penalty shot and made 3 other excellent saves. Could have done better to keep out Arsenal's first goal, in my opinion. Still, those saves should do him the world of good. 

I'm not in the mood to keep writing. I'm just eager to go on a website and re-watch those stunning goals. What City can do, we can do it better....without spending ridiculous sums of money. Well done United, you were immense! Boring international break next and then a tricky encounter with Bolton. I'm off. We EIGHT Arsenal.  

Monday, August 22, 2011

United 3 - 0 Tottenham

De Gea
Smalling Jones Evans Evra
Nani Cleverley(Giggs) Anderson Young(Park)
Welbeck(Chicharito) Rooney

After his goal, Welbeck really impressed me.
United's play was so eye pleasing today that I wished the game never ended. The first half was a keenly contested affair, with United enjoying slight superiority over the Spurs. The second half was a masterclass of attacking football. And I'm not exaggerating. There were quite a handful of players who impressed me today. Let's start with Danny Welbeck. He was a tad quiet up until the 60th minute but as soon as we scored that all important first goal, our Welbeck was 5 times the player he was during the first half. Talk about what a goal could do to a player's confidence! He managed to score a goal and produce a stunning assist. Even his celebration was a class act. It showed his joy at finally making it at Old Trafford... probably his lifelong dream. 

Jones - Impressive
Another player who impressed me today was Jones. He was immense at the back. The other youngsters forming part of our inexperienced back four did quite well as well and De Gea managed to keep his first clean sheet for United, albeit with a few tense moments. Cleverley had a decent game as well. He came agonisingly close to scoring and managed to assist Welbeck for our first goal. However, my man of the match has got to go to Anderson. His passing and movement was first class and he managed to score a really good goal. I'm not too convinced about his dancing though! Ando looks like he's enjoying playing football again and he has managed to find his scoring boots as well. He scored some goals at the end of last season and started this season with a fine goal. More of the same please! Rooney, who's looking really lively this season, put the final nail in Tottenham's coffin with a fine header.

Overall I'm delighted. This is the way I want United to play football. We managed to rip apart a decent Tottenham team with a bunch of youngsters(very talented youngsters!). The class of '11 is looking good, indeed, the kids are alright!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

WBA 1 - 2 United

Smalling Rio(Jones) Vidic(Evans) Fabio
Nani Cleverley Anderson Young
Rooney Welbeck(Berbatov)
Outstanding contribution on the left by Young

So the first away game is out of the way and thankfully we came out on top. Considering that last season we waited until the 23rd of October to grind out a win away from home, this result is more than just welcome. We blew hot and cold but in the end we deserved our win. Rooney scored a very good goal and worked hard for the team but my man of the match was Young who had a say in both of our goals. However, he still needs to work hard on his crosses and needs to realise that he's more than capable of taking defenders on. Our second goal ended in the back of the net after two deflections but we were the better team on the day and I guess the win was well merited.

I'm not going to be disillusioned and say that there was nothing wrong today. Besides the injuries to Rio and Vida, there were a couple of worrying things. First is De Gea. If VDS was in goal WBA's goal would have never happened. He should have done better there but as I said last week, we need to give the young Spaniard some time. The other thing that worried me is that we seem like we'll be experiencing last year's away performances again. Our team is miles ahead of WBA but didn't look like it today. Last year we missed a lot of chances away from home and today Nani missed two easy chances which could have ultimately cost us the game. We need to be more clinical in front of goal and hopefully eliminate the heart stopping games we witnessed last season.

Overall I'm delighted we managed to grind out a result but we need to improve and maybe show last week's exceptional play if we want to beat the much stronger sides away from home. Do we need another signing before the end of the transfer window? I still think that we need an influential central midfielder. Cleverly and Anderson were both outmuscled too often for my liking today. We'll wait and see what happens...In Fergie we trust! Come on United!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

United 3 - 2 City

Smalling Rio(Jones) Vidic(Evans) Evra(Rafael)
Nani Carrick(Cleverley) Anderson Young
Rooney Welbeck(Berbatov)
Nani first goal had class written all over it. Excellent team goal.
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Two goals in the space of 8 minutes gave City some false hope but United hit back with a breathtaking second half performance. Don't get me wrong, we were better than City during the first half but there was a gulf in class during the second. To be honest, I think the score flatters City. They didn't deserve a goal, let alone two. City defended and defended and hoped for something from a set piece. That was their way of play. Meanwhile we looked adventurous and ran City ragged. 

Every player played his part today but Nani and Young, on the wings, were phenomenal. Youngsters Jones, Evans, Smalling, Welbeck and Cleverley played like they have been playing at the top level for years. Judging by their performance today as well as during the pre-season games, I really think that the future looks very bright. Rio should "stand on his feet" and do his best this season if he doesn't want to see either Jones or Smalling take his place in the team. 

However, as always, there were some worrying things. First is Evra's play. He started well and kind of lost his head after the half hour mark and then shook his head and looked frustrated when he got subbed off. Not the right attitude...unless his body language was the result of his performance. The second worrying point is the cheap goals we conceded. Now I know De Gea was thrown into a very tough match but he should have done better with both goals. We'll probably have to see more of those mistakes quite often until we see the finished product so patience will be needed when it come to our young Spaniard. Anyway, overall I'm extremely delighted. Great game to kickstart the season and I honestly cannot wait until the next match day. Come on United!
Excellent start to the new season

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Raring To Go!

I like the new home shirt
Finally! The wait is nearly over and United are due to start this year’s campaign this Sunday vs Etihad FC. The charity shield is usually a game with no real meaning. I never gave a rat’s ass about this game, if we won I’d be delighted and if not I didn’t really mind. However, this year’s curtain raiser has taken a whole new meaning. If City beat us, then it would be a huge psychological boost for them and we’d have to hear the excessive talk of how the blue moon is on the rise.  It is therefore important that we win on Sunday. I don’t want to see City pose with another piece of silverware anytime soon… especially if that piece of silverware is won at our expense.
What do I think about the preseason games?
The Performance vs Barcelona was Encouraging
Well, we didn’t lose a game so that’s always good. Beating a strong Barcelona side was another positive even though, I believe, if we play them in a competitive match tomorrow they’d probably beat us. I’m really excited to see how Welbeck and Cleverley fare during the upcoming season. Their pre-season performances were excellent. Rooney looked sharp in front of goal and hopefully, he'll hit the ground running this season. We scored 20 goals and only conceded a mere 3 during these friendly games. If there was one thing that concerned me was that Jones looks a tad slow. Maybe Fergie could sort that out.
What do I think about our squad?
Can't wait to see Wel & Clev in the Premier League!
First of all, it's kind of strange to look at our complete squad and not see Neville, VDS, Scholes, Brown and O'Shea listed down. But the future does look bright and I honestly think we have improved on last year as a squad. Cleverley and Welbeck have blended well into the first team while Young, Jones and De Gea are all very talented players. What we lacked last year was an influential central midfielder and we still lack this particular player. The central midfield is the only area that is worrying me. We have the best defence and attack in the Premier League. We also have very good wingers but we still need a central midfielder. A lot of papers are tipping United to buy Sneijder and I do believe that there has been some kind of contact with the player. Overall we have a very good squad, I just believe that a central midfielder would be the final piece in the jigsaw.

What do I think about other teams?
We had the best squad in the Premier League last season and we still have. Some teams have virtually stayed the same, such as Arsenal and Chelsea, while others have improved drastically. Liverpool is the team that springs to mind when I think of improvement. Having seen their pre-season results, they certainly didn’t improve in the way they play but they now have a couple more quality players in their squad. I’m not sure whether they can be serious title contenders but they’ll surely prove to be a tough hurdle to get past. If City keep Tevez, then they’ll have a fearsome striking quartet. Tevez and Aguero are exceptional talents while Balotelli and Dzeko can also get the job done. Chelsea have a new manager but I don’t think they have improved as a team while Arsenal haven’t lost any major players….yet. If they lose Nasri and Fabregas, then I don’t even think they’ll end in the top 4.
4 Years On
This blog is 4 years old!
My First Post, Back in August 2007
Fours years have passed since I started this blog. I never tire of writing about Man Utd. I have neglected this blog during the summer months mainly because I only watched one pre-season friendly due to the combination of kick-offs during the early hours of the day and me having to go to work.  Normal service will now be resumed once the season kicks off and I promise to update this site with my biased opinions after every Man Utd game. During the past year my blog has registered more than 6,000 hits from 100+ different states and countries from around the world. It’s always a pleasure to see that people actually care about my opinion on our beloved football club.  So here I am, 3 Premier Leagues, 1 Champions league, 2 Carling Cups, 1 Club World Cup, 3 Charity Shields and 326 articles later…itching for the new season. Keep logging onto this blog and spread the word. United till I die!
People from 100+ countries/states have visited this blog during the past year