Sunday, October 31, 2010

United 2 - 0 Tottenham

Rafael(Brown) Rio Vidic Evra
Nani Fletcher Carrick Park
Berbatov(Scholes) Chicharito(Obertan)
So United got out of this difficult fixture with the 3 points. United played quite well and I'm pleased our defence managed to keep a clean sheet. I have constantly criticised our midfielder Park Ji Sung, but yesterday he worked his socks off and put in a man of the match performance. He was a constant menace to Tottenham's defence and ran like mad for most of the match. I'm glad he's finally in form again.

Meanwhile goalscorers Vidic and Nani were the other two players who stood out in this match. Vidic was a rock at the back and Nani was his usual self: scoring, shooting, dribbling and delaying passes by a couple of minutes(something I wish Nani changes). The first goal was a good goal but the second one was the goal that grabbed most of the headlines. Having seen the incident, leading to the second goal, through my red tinted glasses, I honestly think that Nani was fouled inside the area and therefore the ref should have awarded a penalty. Then Nani handled the ball because he thought he was fouled but the ref played advantage. Tottenham's idiot between the sticks grabbed the ball and threw it 10 yards away and just stood there. Gomes should have known that the ref didn't blow the whistle and hence I think that it was a legitimate goal. Then again I would have been absolutely livid had it been scored against us, but football rarely pleases all parties involved!

Anyway we are still trailing Chelsea by 5 points and I think that is not so big a margin. We have played like shit for most of the season and we're still just 5 points behind "irrepressible" Chelsea. Bring on Buraspor!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

United 3 - 2 Wolves

Brown Smalling Evans Fabio(Neville)
Obertan Carrick Gibson Park(Morrison)
Bebe(Chicharito) Macheda

So we're through to the quarter finals after an acceptable performance and a good game of football. The first half was really boring, United rarely threatened the Wolverhampton goalie but the second half was a different story. Obertan and Bebe looked more adventurous and in fact the latter scored a good goal. Park, who didn't impress me during the match, scored another great goal while Chicharito, who was introduced late on, scored the winner. That Mexican is a natural scorer and I love him!

I was worried our youngsters might collapse to a strong Wolves side. In fact, during the 90 minutes, Wolves were far more threatening up front than United. Amos made a couple of good saves and saw one of their shots scraping the bar. But thankfully, at the end of the day, United got out of this encounter on top and we can now look forward to another Carling Cup quarter final. The youngsters who played will surely have benefited from this game. I was impressed by Bebe. He made a couple of intelligent runs and I guess he has got what it takes to make it at OT. On the other hand Macheda disappointed me. He looked lost and failed to pass the ball when it mattered. I've been waiting for a year and a half now for this boy to blossom but I never saw any improvements from the guy we saw in that game vs Villa. I'm afraid he'll have to live up to the reputation he earned during that match and I think, and I hope I'm wrong, that he'll never ever top that moment... at least in a United shirt.

Amos & Smalling did just about fine, Carrick, Gibson and Brown did well while Fabio was superb when defending. If it wasn't for his superb interventions I think we would be looking at a different scoreline. Well done young United! Bring on Spurs

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Stoke City 1 - 2 United

Neville(Brown) Rio Vida O'Shea(Carrick)
Nani Scholes Fletcher Evra
Berbatov Chicharito

We have finally won a Premier League game away from home! United played good football at times but were very erratic. Our strikers had a good game and if they keep playing like this then I'm sure Rooney will have to work really hard to get back in the starting XI. Berbatov held the ball superbly and passed accurately while Chicharito scored two goals. His first was a bizarre, yet superb, header. This kid is scoring goals for fun and, I believe, will keep on improving. The scouting stuff found a real gem.

Neville starting the game may have raised a few eyebrows and I think that Gazza did not give Ferguson one single reason why to start him again in the coming matches. He was a tad slow and should have been sent off in the first half for a second bookable offence. Brown brought more stability in that area, during the second half, and I think he should be playing regularly. O'Shea and Scholes were really poor today. They gave the ball away too cheaply. Meanwhile Ferdinand was solid while Vidic was excellent. In fact I think he was our man of the match.

Winning away to Stoke is not easy feat. I'm really happy we have finally won on the road and maybe this match can kickstart our season. Come on United!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Roo is staying.

This is what I said last Wednesday in my heartfelt post about Rooney's transfer request:

"Wayne may have another sudden change of heart but, for me, our (United's) relationship with Roo is over. I already loathe him for being “adamant” to get out of OT. Rooney wants to leave, so let it be. He was my hero, I idolised him but now I’m just left with the bitter aftertaste of idolising a twat for 7 years. Hopefully he’ll head to Spain but that’s highly unlikely.

We loved you and that’s why we will hate you. Fuck off Roo!"

Rooney had "another sudden change of heart" and to be honest I'm happy Rooney is staying but I won't take a word back of what I said on Wednesday. I do feel better but I expect an apology from Rooney. He played with our emotions. I had an awful week, after Fergie's press conference, for the sole reason that Rooney was my hero and his actions hurt me. When Ronaldo left United I said that I prefered losing Ronaldo than losing Rooney because the latter seemed to be a person who loves the club and wears the red shirt with pride. Wayne lost a high percentage of my respect when he cheated on his wife and then, after this week, I arrived at a point of hatrid towards this man.

The fact that the painful image of Rooney sporting a rival's shirt is now less probable, at least for a couple of seasons, is heart warming. To be honest I feel that I have just woken up from a really really bad dream but I just can't forget what Rooney said and what he has done during the past week. Then again I can't forget what he did to the club for the past 6 years or so therefore I'm more than willing to start forgiving Rooney. However, he must work really really hard before I can feel comfortable singing Rooney's name again.

I'm welcoming Roo back but he won't be regarded as my hero anytime soon. I'll stick to the real legends and real heros who put club interest before personal interest. I'll stick to idolising Giggsy, Scholesy, Gazza and the great SIR ALEX FERGUSON.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

United 1 - 0 Buraspor

Rafael Smalling Vidic Evra
Nani Carrick Fletcher Anderson(Chicharito) Park(Obertan)

After hearing Rooney say that Man Utd aren't ambitious enough for him, which was another heart breaker, I had to watch United take on Buraspor. I watched the game at a local pub and it was without sound and the main game was Inter vs Tottenham so United's game lost a lot of it's appeal. From what I saw I think United played well at the defence but were poor at the front. Nani scored an excellent goal but Chicharito could have scored another while Macheda wasn't up to the task at the front. After the sale of Rooney we need another striker for sure. The likes of Fabiano & Benzema would be welcome.

We face difficult times but I believe that with Fergie's intelligence we can get out of this gloom and defy all odds. United is all about answering critics who'd like to witness our demise but I believe that, if the Glazers are willing to cooperate, we can get out of this slump and make the angels of doom shut the fuck up. Come on United!!!!

Rooney wants to leave.

On Monday most English newspapers shared a common header: Rooney set to leave United. At first, when I was reading the article of a particular tabloid, I thought it was one of those bullshit stories. One of those sensational stories these so called journalists make up so that their paper sells. However, when I read more and more articles from different tabloids, and saw that they all shared the same information, I really became confused. Suddenly the rumour that Rooney is unhappy at United was becoming more and more credible. I tried to convince myself that the papers were up to their usual bullshitting but deep down I had a gut feeling that Rooney was indeed unsettled at United.

I learned that Fergie was to address the media on Tuesday prior to the Champions League game on Wednesday. I knew he was going to be bombarded with questions about Rooney’s future therefore I was eager to learn what’s Fergie’s say on this issue. I honestly hoped that he’d tell the journalists present that Rooney was happy at the club and the recent disputes over his contracts were just minor hiccups that could be easily dealt with by the Club. Unfortunately, when I arrived home after my Principles of Finance lecture, I read about the truth and the truth was something that hurt me and is still hurting me now. Why on earth would a player like Rooney want to leave United after all that the Gaffer has done for him. He betrayed his former manager David Moyes and now he’s betraying the great Sir Alex Ferguson. Some might call Rooney a man with balls for going against Fergie and United, I call him a twat. Last year he exclaimed that he was at the best club in the world and wants to follow in Giggsy’s path. I, as well as most United fans, believed him. I thought he bled red, he bled United, the truth is that he bleeds green, and by green I mean greed for more cash.

Maybe I’m a bit harsh on Wayne, he doesn’t seem(or at least never seemed) to be a guy with greed for more money, maybe there’s someone behind his rapid change of heart. Rooney’s agent Stretford, a self proclaimed United fan, may be the evil mastermind behind all of this. He may have convinced Rooney that the grass is greener at other clubs. The agent wants more money and so does Rooney so the harsh truth that we may have to face is that Rooney will most probably end up at City. I can’t see, although I’d want to, Rooney heading to Spain for several reasons. Reason 1 : He can barely master the English language, let alone Spanish. Reason 2 : Coleen would rather stay in England because of her sick sister. Reason 3 : Spain. Rooney? NAH! Therefore City and possibly Chelsea are the only English teams who can afford him and it will really REALLY hurt if we ever see our beloved Rooney sporting their shirts.

We, I believe, are a club in decline. I do believe in Manchester United, I do believe in Ferguson but I don’t believe in the Glazers and at the moment they are the ones who really matter. The 80million from Ronaldo’s sale wasn’t used and I think the receives from Rooney’s sale won’t be used for a big signing. Wayne may have another sudden change of heart but, for me, our (United's) relationship with Roo is over. I already loathe him for being “adamant” to get out of OT. Rooney wants to leave, so let it be. He was my hero, I idolised him but now I’m just left with the bitter aftertaste of idolising a twat for 7 years. Hopefully he’ll head to Spain but that’s highly unlikely.

We loved you and that’s why we will hate you. Fuck off Roo!

Love United Hate Glazer.

United TILL I DIE.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

United 2 - 2 WBA

Rafael Rio Vida Evra
Nani Carrick(Scholes) Anderson(Rooney) Giggs(Gibson)
Berbatov Chicharito

I'm speechless, I am. Only God knows what the hell happened at OT. An own goal and a rare howler by VDS gifted WBA a point. We were very unlucky at times but should have easily put the game to bed before half time.

Berbatov missed a couple of good chances and Nani, who was the man of the match up until the second half, refused to pass the ball as the game grew older. Chicharito had a good game and worked his socks off. Meanwhile Evra was once again a player with little commitment to the team. He looked uninterested and I think he was also at fault for WBA's second goal because he gave the ball away cheaply and refused to help his fellow team mates. Something's wrong with Patrice.

Heck! Something is wrong at OT and Fergie better sorts it out because at this rate we're not even going to make it into the Champions League and I'm not even kidding. Come on UNITED!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sunderland 0 - 0 United

Rafael Rio Vidic O'Shea
Nani Anderson(Bebe) Scholes Fletcher
Macheda(Chicharito) Owen(Berbatov)

United threw away another 2 points away from home. We were lucky we didn't come out of this match empty handed. Before the game, Fergie smoked something that clearly affected his mind. How on earth can you start Owen and Macheda against an in form Sunderland side?? Especially when you've got Berbatov who's managing to please us with good performances and Chicharito, on a high after his Mestalla goal. Fergie got his tactics and starting line up wrong and that's the reason we performed atrociously today. In fact after the introduction of Berbatov and Hernandez we were a tad more inventive and threatening at the front.

The only plus of this game was the cleansheet. We managed another clean sheet and it is clear that Rafael deserves his place at right-back and Ferdinand brought about some stability at the back.

We have drawn more games than we have won in the league. We are doing a Liverpool or a Manchester City. That's what they did last year and both of them ended in the Europa League. With this form, I just cannot imagine what will happen when we meet Arsenal, Chelsea, City and Tottenham! Heck I've even got to thank God for the international break, well I know I need a break from these below par performances! COME ON UNITED - Wake UP!!!!!!