Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dubious Goals Panel Decisions

The dubious goals committee have decided that the goal Nani scored against Arsenal should go down as Nani’s, taking his total to 7, on top of his 14 assists.

Also, Carrick’s on target effort against Portsmouth which was incorrectly labelled an own goal has also been credited to him, taking his total goals to 5.

Berbatov can finally heave a great sigh of relief because this means that United scored 10 goals through other team's players while Berbatov managed 12 goals :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goodbye Ben!

United have just confirmed that Foster joined Birmingham City. I must say that I'm really sad to see Foster leave. He did commit a few mistakes, but so did VDS when he played for Juventus. In fact when we bought VDS the Italian media made fun of us for buying this 'over the hill' player. However, he was one of Fergie's best buys. Therefore letting Foster leave may come back to haunt us. Goalers get better along the course of time. There are some exceptions of course, Casillas, for example, was a top class keeper at the tender age of 17, and still is.

Fergie said it a million times, and I do trust Fergie's words. Foster has a huge potential and it's a matter of time until he reaches his full potential and show the world what he is capable of. Fergie said he'll be England's number 1 soon and I believe Ferguson. We may not move for a goalkeeper this summer but next summer buying a goalkeeper will be a must. Ben Amos will now be our 3rd keeper.

Ben leaves with just 23 senior appearances in 5 years. He will leave this club yearning for first team football and he'll probably get it at Birmingham. Thanks for your patience Ben! Good luck!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

United 4 - 0 Stoke

Gaz Rio Vidic Evra
Nani Fletch Scholes Giggs
Berbatov Rooney

Chelsea are the new champions of England. They scored 8 goals today and I guess that they deservedly won the league. We had a lot of injuries at the back, true, but so did Chelsea. They also had some players missing due to the African cup of nations. Therefore there shouldn't be any excuses. We weren't good enough this season in some matches. That chance Valencia had vs Blackburn will haunt my dreams until August, unless something even more catastrophic happens to England in the World Cup.

It was a good game today. All players did well. Fletcher, Giggs, an own goal and Park saw off a poor Stoke side. We were always in control of the game but, at the other end of England, so were Chelsea. And that's what really mattered today.

"A disappointing end to a promising seasons" sums up our season perfectly. Just before that Bayern game I had a feeling we were going to win the league and advance in Europe. However, Bayern knocking us out of the CL and losing vs Chelsea the following Saturday destroyed our season. Then a week later Blackburn put the final nail in our season's coffin by holding us in a 0-0 draw. I dared to dream of Wigan winning vs Chelsea today, but in all fairness that was a big ask for them today.

Now my head turns towards England as I hope the national side can come up with the goods in South Africa. I will keep blogging about transfers and after the England games in the world cup. I believe they can actually achieve something and if they don't, well, I hope Italy doesn't win it again.

Anyway, this is the first time I'm writing after the final game of the league and I'm not celebrating another league title. I'm writing this as I watch Chelsea lift the trophy. It hurts. But United will never die! Chelsea deserve the title but next year WE WANT OUR TROPHY BACK!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunderland 0 - 1 United

O'Shea Evans Vidic Evra
Nani(Hargreaves) Scholes Fletcher(Ferdinand) Giggs
Berbatov(Carrick) Rooney

So our hope of winning our 19th league title is virtually over. We won, I know, but Chelsea won and I really can't see them losing vs Wigan. Wigan, may I remind you, is a side against whom we managed to score 10 goals this season. Enough said. I don't blame Liverpool for not playing too well, although that prick, Gerrard, did his best to make sure Chelsea won the game. We should blame ourselfs for not finishing games such as those vs Blackburn & Aston Villa. Games in which we were clearly superior to the opposition but failed to capitalise on our chances.

Anyway, today we won this game by a Nani goal. We should have scored at least 3 other goals. As usual, Berbatov was utter crap. I hope this is his last away game in a United shirt. Even Rooney looked disgusted at the way Berbatov lost his chances. And for all those nitwits who keep blabbering about how good he controls the ball, well hear this, he's a striker for heaven's sake, he is paid to score goals!!!

Our defence did well. VDS pulled a stunning save. The midfielders were OK. Nani is improving with every game and Rooney, carrying an injury, wasn't his usual self. It was also really nice to see Hargreaves back. I love that player and I hope he's ready to help us mount another serious title challenge next season.

Chelsea might win the league this Saturday, well done to them, but I'll always keep the red flag flying high! I LOVE UNITED!