Friday, June 26, 2009

Missing The PL, Italy Hammered by Brazil, Ronaldo, Rooney, Transfer Targets & our New Kit

I remember when the season ended, after that dreaded final vs Barca, I wrote on my facebook : “Finally! No more football to watch & no more studying! I still have to work though :( “. While I’m definitely not missing the ‘studying’ part I’m certainly missing football. There’s the confederations cup, I know, Italy were hammered by Brazil(I loved it!!), I know, but nothing beats the feeling of a Premier League match especially when United are playing! I just can’t wait for August! I’m missing those lovely Saturday afternoons when you can find me in my living room waiting anxiously for the United match to start and heaving a great sigh of relief when I get to know that both Rooney and Ronaldo are on the starting line up. Unfortunately Ronaldo will be a Real Madrid player when United play their next Premier League match and the Red Devils haven’t bought a replacement yet. I’m not completely over the fact that Ronaldo won’t be playing for United next season hence I just can’t imagine how United will cope without his sheer brilliance, because let’s face it, he’s a footballing genius and no matter who United buy, Ronaldo just cannot be replaced. I will certainly not miss his on field antics though, you know, when he gets fouled and spends about 3 bloody minutes whining on the floor. That’s the ugly part of Ronaldo and that part just cannot be missed. I will be missing his thundering shots and breath taking techniques though!
Anyway we still have got Rooney and believe me, I prefer Wayne to Cristiano. While Ronaldo’s ability is unquestionable I always regarded Rooney as a better all round player. He’s the one who could play in any position and shine not John O’Fuckin Shea. Don’t get me wrong I like O’Shea he’s a great servant to the club but Rooney is in a league of his own. He’s brilliant and I love him, I really do. I, as well as many other United supporters, believe that this could be the year Rooney excels after living in Ronaldo’s shadows for 5 years. Rooney will definitely be United’s main man next season and I won’t be surprised if he scoops a couple of personal honors en route. Last year he was our best player and although Ronaldo dazzled with some sublime finishes Rooney was always ready to get down to do the dirty work. Anyway I hope Rooney lives up to my expectations but if he doesn’t I will still love the guy!
United have been linked with several outstanding players such as Ribery, Villa & Benzema but apparently Fergie won’t be spending silly money on such players. Instead, Ferguson, is trying to lure young raw talent to Old Trafford. Costa and Dodo, both Brazilians, have both been targeted by United and while the formers’ club is asking a ridiculous fee for their player, Dodo is almost certain he will play for United next season. Recently a certain Douglas has also been heavily tipped to join United. Buying extremely talented Brazilians is certainly something to look forward to especially if they are as good as the current Brazilians we have on board but I don’t want United to turn into a team full of foreigners! I don’t want United to turn into an Arsenal or even worse, a Brazilian version of Liverpool(about 6 Spanish internationals mixed with 2 English players and 3 others from Holland, Israel and Iceland) I want United to have British talent and that’s why I would love it if Fergie sets his sight on Ashley Young, Agbonglahor, Lennon, Richards, Rodwell etc… Young is exceptional, Agbonghlahor and Lennon both need some polishing but have a great potential while Richards and Rodwell are both hot prospects. Watch this space Fergie!
The return of the lovable Hargreaves is a big plus for United. He will certainly be like a new signing and as long as he stays fit, his return will be a massive boost for United. Brown will also be available after missing most of the 2008-09 season injured and I expect Macheda, Welbeck and Foster to be given some games which will aid their development.
Now let me talk about next season. I don’t believe we will be successful in league in the forthcoming season and this is due to 6 facts ( yep I’m turning into Benitez now) :
1.Who will score those crucial goals now that we have 2 top scorers off board ( Ronny and Tevez)…Goals such as those vs Wigan, Aston Villa, Tottenham have won us the league but now we’re missing the creators of those goals.
2.Liverpool have a big chance of winning the league next season, they have that sense of belief and I don’t think that United minus Tevez and Ronaldo are better than Liverpool.
3.We don’t have enough gun power at the front.
4.Fergie is interested in buying young players, so when we buy these players we will have to wait for their development and hence get the final product off the polished player in a couple of seasons. In other words it will be another transitional season.
5.Our midfield is in shambles. Ronaldo off, Giggs and Scholes are fading, Anderson and Carrick were shit vs Barca. We need at least two new midfielders to replace Giggs and Scholes and put some pressure on Carrick, Anderson and the improving Fletcher. Hopefully the imminent return of Hargreaves will add power to our midfield but I still believe we need another powerful midfielder.
6.Some say it’s difficult to win a title and it’s even more difficult to retain it….never mind to retain it for the fourth time
I'm a pessimist, I know.

Meanwhile United have put to sale their new strip. At first I didn’t like it but I already got accustomed to this ‘V’ on the strip. I won’t be buying it though! I certainly don’t afford to buy a 60euro shirt just for one season. United will change their kit sponsors for the 2010-11 season.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Goodbye Tevez

Another superstar is leaving OT and this time it's fans favourite Carlos Tevez. He once was one of my favourite United players but during the final 2 months of the last season I got tired of his flirting with the press and always complaining whenever he doesn't play the whole 90 minutes.

United tabled the asked amount of money but Tevez did not agree on personal terms and thus his career with United has officially ended. He will most probably sign for City thus confirming that he chose money over loyalty to the fans and club he claimed that he loved dearly.

Carlos scored about 30 goals in two season, not the best of records, but it was his never say die attitude that won over the United fans. His on field performances will be missed but on the other hand his exit means United got rid of another Argentinian backstabber with Heinze being the other Judas.

Adios Carlos!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Farewell Ronaldo

So apparantly Real Madrid have offered 80million sterling for Cristiano Ronaldo and Man Utd have accepted the bid. Ronaldo will be a Real Madrid player by the end of June when they will unveil both him and Kaka as their new summer signings.
To be honest I don't know how to react. I'm pretty happy that we got rid of a player whose ego is bigger than Mourinho's and who thinks that Man Utd revolves around him. On the other hand I'm pretty disappointed that we have lost a quality player who could score 20+ goals per season as well as score important goals in big matches(remember that goal vs Porto? Those goals vs Villa? The ones vs the Gunners?)
I guess it was his dream to play for Madrid and it had to happen at a time or another but after his comments about how much he loves United I thought he was going to stay for at least 2 more seasons. The fact that Madrid bought Kaka also made me think that Ronaldo won't go to Madrid this Summer. Anyway I'd like to thank Ronaldo for helping United win 3 Premier Leagues, 2 Carling Cups, an Fa Cup, A European Cup and a World Cup. But to be honest with you, I really hope he doesn't do well at Madrid :) I'm a wee bit selfish and I really hate Real Madrid. I hope we meet in the Champions League next season and we beat them.
Meanwhile potential replacements for Ronaldo have already been mentioned these include Valencia and Ribery...