Saturday, December 29, 2007

West Ham 2 - 1 United

Brown Ferdinand Vidic Evra
Ronaldo Fletcher Hargreaves Giggs
Tevez Saha

It's unbeleivable but its true. United have lost to West Ham for the 3rd season running. Until the 77th minute the game was in United's grasp but Ronaldo's penalty miss somehow seemed to motivate the West Ham players as they stormed back to win the game.
After West Ham had twice gone close, United took the lead on 14 minutes when Cristiano Ronaldo finished off a flowing move. WestHam tried hard to level the score but it was of no avail, United defended well.
The Second half, or should I say the last 15 minutes of the game, condemned United to second place of the table. After Ronaldo somehow missed a penalty kick which if scored the game would have been dead and burried, the Hammers deservedly drew level on 77 minutes when substitute Anton Ferdinand rose powerfully to head home Mark Noble's corner.
And Alan Curbishley's side secured the win on 82 minutes when another Noble set-piece was met with a firm header from Matthew Upson.
OK, so United did ruin my weekend and Arsenal kept ruining it by wining 4-1 after being a goal down. But that's football I guess, STILL I beleive the league will be ours, I just hope Ferguson quits resting players such as Rooney and quits strarting out of form strikers (Saha today looked rusted). Overall I just hope Ferguson stops playing the 4-5-1 formation. It sucks, It's boring, and it's costing us points (6 overall). Come May Ferguson might curse these decisions, but it would be too late. Next Birmingham, bring them ON!

"It's difficult to say why but they are human beings and you can't expect them
to be perfect all the time."

Ratings : Kuzhak-7, Brown-6, Ferdinand-6, Vidic-7, Evra-6, Ronaldo-6, Fletcher-5, Hargreaves-6, Giggs-5, Saha-5, Tevez-6.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sunderland 0 - 4 United

Brown Ferdinand Vidic O'Shea
Ronaldo Fletcher Carrick Nani
Saha Rooney
What I thought would be a tricky game turned out to be an easy win for United. Rooney opened the score. Saha got his first goal in over 2 months while Ronaldo scored a stunning freekick. Then it was Saha who completed the rout by scoring the 4th goal.

The first goal was scored thanks to a big defensive fault by Sunderland. Wes Brown threaded the ball through a gap in Sunderland's defence that would have accommodated a double decker. Rooney who was on the receiving end scored with ease. Minutes later Rooney turned provider and helped Saha get a morale boosting goal. I was happy for Saha and hoped this goal would lead to others. Ronaldo finished the first half in style. He bent in a stunning effort that gave Gordon not a prayer.

The second half proved to be more of a training session for the United lads. Scoring another goal didn't seem to be a priority. But eventually Nani was fouled inside the box and rightfully the Ref ordered a spot kick. Saha got his second goal after hitting a fine penalty. 4-0 the final score against a poor performing side.

Another joy to watch after a boring match vs Everton. Rooney was the man of the match. His contribution to United’s cause was priceless. Ronaldo showed everyone why he always wants to take the freekicks and Saha finally got the goals he (and all United supporters) wanted. It was a relief to see him score, I never doubted his scoring prowess but his recent performances really have made me wonder whether he’s still a valid player or not. Now we should be looking to more goal scoring performances from Saha. I was really delighted, once again, with the defence. It’s exceptional really. Sunderland stood no chance. Another positive from this match is the return of Ji Sung Park. On the whole I’m really pleased and United gave me a nice X-mas present after a turbulent Christmas I just had.

Our next match is away to West Ham. It could prove to be a tricky match against a team which has done the double over United last year. Thank god Tevez is on our side this year! Don’t know what to expect so I’m not giving any predictions :D Adios!

Ratings : Kushak-7, Brown-8, Ferdinand-7, Vida-7, O’Shea-6 , Nani-7, Carrick-6, Ronaldo-8, Fletcher-7, Rooney-9, Saha-8. (Pique-6, Park-7)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

United 2 - 1 Everton


Simpson Brown Vidic Evra

Ronaldo Carrick Anderson Giggs

Rooney Tevez

We were lucky to get out of this match with a 2-1 scoreline, although we were the better side we weren’t in our best form, but an in form Ronaldo did the trick. He scored 2 goals one coming from the spot to help United keep the pace with leaders Arsenal.

With 20 minutes gone, the match was crying out for a piece of individual brilliance. And as you could expect Ronaldo provided this moment with a fine strike from a couple of yards away from goal. United’s joy at getting the goal lived short as Everton managed to find the equalizer thanks to an unmarked Cahill header. These were the last threatening actions of the first half.

In the second half United were superior and threatened the Everton defence, but not the goalie. Everton’s defence was perfect and United just couldn’t get through Everton’s impermeable defence. The 90 minute mark loomed large and I thought this match was destined for a 1-1 draw when suddenly Giggs was fouled inside the Everton box. Penalty, and that boy Ronaldo coverted from the spot. 2-1 the final score.

It wasn’t a great performance by United, Everton were nearly perfect in their approach to this game but I guess we were lucky. Our next match is vs Sunderland away from home. I think it may be a difficult match but United would dig out a result. As always, we’ll wait and see.

Until then Merry Christmas to all Man Utd fans, and to our rival fans, well, I hope you have a horrible Christmas, in terms of football that is :p

Player Ratings – Kuzak-6, Simpson-6, Brown-7, Vidic-7, Evra-7, Ronaldo-8, Anderson-7, Carrick-6, Giggs-6, Rooney-6, Tevez-5. ( Oshea-6, Fletcher & Saha -5)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Liverpool 0 - 1 United

Brown Rio Vida Evra
Ronaldo Hargreaves Anderson Giggs
Rooney Tevez
Ok, it wasn't the best of goals but a goal is a goal and United managed to beat Liverpool at their own back yard thanks to Carlos Tevez who directed Rooney's thunderbolt to the back of the net.
United were prudent and disciplined, they attacked wisely and indeed scored against the run of play. Rooney shot Giggs' corner goal wards with Tevez flicking the ball into the roof of the net from close range. 1-0, and a massive psycological blow to Liverpool who, despite all the pressure they created, ended the first half a goal down.
In the second half Liverpool were determined to bring back themselfs level. They attacked relentlessly but United's defence, unlike Van der Sar, was impressive. Hargreaves played superbly and Anderson is continueing to flourish into the player we all know he is capable of being. Thanks to these players United kept their goal advantage, 1-0 the final score.
It's been a while since we lost against Liverpool at Anfield in the League. We should start calling Anfield our 'home' away from home. Our defence's performance today showed that this defence is the meanest defence in the Premierleague, the records (only 9 goals against) speak themselfs. Today Anderson & Hargreaves bossed the midfield & Rio made Torres (the tormentor[wot a joke]) look like the rest of this sorry team. Ronaldo was unusually quiet, to be honest with him he was well marked and Rooney, well, it wasn't one of his best performances.

Although its a long way to the end of the road, we're looking like the team capable of winning the League. Such wins against big opponents who are title contenders themselfs will give United a big boost and of course a largened point advantage. United where on top of the table after this game, but Arsenal's win on Chelsea meant our stay at the top didn't last long. But I beleive after the Christmas period we will be back where we belong, i.e. The Top.

Player Ratings - VDS-5, Brown-7, Vidic-7, Ferdinand-8, Evra-7, Ronaldo-5, Hargreaves-8, Anderson-7, Giggs-5, Rooney-6, Tevez-7.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Roma 1 - 1 United

To be honest I expected a loss, especially when I saw the team line up. It was a team full of second string players apart from Rooney, Carrick & Nani with the latter doing exceptionally well. I'm not in the mood of writing any reports tonight. United got their noses in front thanks to Pique's header, his 2nd goal in 2 matches. Pretty good for a fullback.

United dominated the first half and I was surprised with this performance especially given the fact that Roma had most of their first teamers playing. But in the second half Roma could have scored 3 times should they have been more clinical in their finishes. It was Mancini who spared their blushes with a sublime goal. A goal the Italian commentator kept hailing for the remaining 15 minutes. Bloody Italian commentators, I just hate them!

This draw caps off a good champions league first round in which we only lost 2 points from 18. Our away form has been good in contrast to the last couple of seasons and that is a good sign for the future. We'll just wait a see who we'll face in the second round, I'm sure that we're capable of beating any team.

Our next hurdle, a huge hurdle in this case, is Liverpool. Next Sunday every football fan especially English football fans will stick to their Tv sets and watch this match as well as Arsenal vs Chelsea. Lately we've been doing well in the league against the Mersysiders, I don't know wot to expect, such matches are usually full of surprises.

Soooo Come On You Reds[Devils]!

"I was pleased with a lot of it, it was a very good experience." Ferguson on todays match

Saturday, December 8, 2007

United 4 -1 Derby

Brown Rio Vida Evra
Ronaldo Carrick Anderson Giggs
Rooney Tevez

Winning this game was a must, all the 'big guns' have scored a couple of goals against this side and United managed to do the same. In terms of entertainment I'd give this match 3 stars, it was a good performance but the pitch might have dampened United's typical style of play. The ball moved too slow compared to the player's fast feet. Anyway United opened the score thanks to Giggs. Tevez scored a goal in each half and Ronaldo's penalty completed the rout.
The only highlights of the first half all came in the last 5 minutes. This is when Ryan Giggs scored his 100th goal for the club when he latched onto a rebounded Cristiano Ronaldo shot. Rooney should have doubled but his final shot hit the post but 3 minutes later Tevez managed to double United's lead thanks to some hesitant play by the Derby defence.
The second half kicked off brightly and United managed to add to the goal tally thanks to a fine strike by striker Tevez. Bringing his goal tally to 8. Giggs hit the post after superbly hitting a cross on the volley. Derby managed to decrease the margin when Howard somehow scored. Replays show that the ball hit his hand prior to hitting the net. A poor refereeing decision. The referee was again at the centre of attention when he awarded Ronaldo a penalty. To be honest I don't think this was a penalty but Ronaldo stepped up to convert the penalty into the bottom right of Bywater's goal. 4-1 was the final score.
A good game, and if the pitch conditions were great the margin could have been bigger. A sound performance from all the players especially Tevez who was the man of the match. In my opinion. He fought for every ball and scored 2 goals. Great player, great performance.
I must mention Brown, who's likely to be shown the exit door soon. He didn't accept the deal United offered and Fergie said 'there's no way back'. It would be a big disappointment if one of our home grown players leaves the club, especially Brown who's been a life long United supporter. His performances this season have been great and he's doing his best to replace the injured Neville. Full credit for that. I hope he (or his agent) decides to stay at Old Trafford. I don't want to see another Englishman leave Old Trafford, otherwise we'll end up like Arsenal. Full of foreigners.
Our next match is away vs Roma. I'm not expecting anything special from this match but a draw would do, a win would be a bonus.

Ratings - VDS-6, Brown-7, Ferdinand-8, Vidic-8, Evra-7, Ronaldo-7, Anderson-7, Carrick-7, Giggs-8, Rooney-7, Tevez-9. (O'shea-6, Fletcher-7, Saha-6)

Monday, December 3, 2007

United 2 - 0 Fulham

Brown Ferdinand Vidic Evra
Ronaldo Hargreaves Anderson Giggs
Rooney Tevez

We’re back in second place after a win against Fulham thanks to Ronaldo’s brace.

United dominated this match and could have ended up with more goals if the players finishes were more deadly. United got out to snatch that early goal and demoralise Fulham and our objective was reached when Ronaldo saw his superb volley end in the back of the net. I thought this was the first of many goals I was about to see during this match but I was dead wrong. Fulham’s goalie produced 2 excellent saves on Tevez to keep the scoreline 1-0.

The second half didn’t differ to the first half at all. We attacked continuously while there was that odd attack by Fulham. Fulham seemed to get a grip on the game early in the first half and ironically that’s when United killed off the brave Fulham players with a fine header by Ronaldo. The match as a contest was now dead and buried, it was a matter of how many more goals United would score. To my dismay United failed to score another, although Saha, Ronaldo and Tevez should have widened the margin.

Attack wise United were perfect except for the final shot, Hargreaves and Ronaldo had a great game. Rooney who was substituted later during the game was furious about some refereeing decisions but to be honest the assistant referee was spot on. The referee on the other hand committed some stupid mistakes which did not have an influence on the game, but did have on the scoreline. I thought Niemi’s foul on Ronaldo was a clear penalty, but instead of the penalty the referee showed Ronaldo the yellow card, and could have sent Ronaldo off for his sarcastic applaud. I remember Rooney was once sent of for such behaviour. On the other hand the ref didn’t show Rooney the yellow card for his foul language which could be lip read from all tv viewers nevermind the referee. This shows the inconsistency of this referee. Anyhow, I’m glad United won.

Our next match is vs Derby, obviously I expect nothing less than a win with a few goals. I hope that next Wednesday Newcastle do us a favour vs Arsenal, it's about time the magpies picked up some points!

Come On You Reds!!

VDS-6, Brown-8, Ferdinand-7, Vidic-8, Evra-6, Hargreaves-8, Rooney-7, Tevez-7, Ronaldo-9, Giggs-7, Anderson-7 (O’shea-7, Carrick-6, Saha-6)